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It varies from state to state.

For example if you are caught in Idaho with any at all, no matter how little you have, you will be arrested. However in California, if you have 28.5 grams of marijuana or less you will not be arrested and will only be required to pay a $100 fine. To check marijuana laws for your state click the link titled "state by state laws", located below.

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Why was bob arrested whi did that in after twenty year?

Bob Marley was arrested for being in possession of Marijuana.

Why was bob arrested whi did that in after twenty year-?

Bob was arrested after being found in possession of marijuana which is an illegal drug.

How can you hide marijuana from being detected in saliva?

U can't get arrested for smelling like weed...

What is the punishment for being arrested for marijuana possession?

There is no punishment for being arrested for marijuana possession, or, for that matter, there is no punishment for being arrested for anything. If you are convicted of an offense, you are subject to punishment. It is not possible to give a precise answer. Every case is different. If you need information on a state or federal criminal case, seek information from your attorney or from an attorney at your local public defender's office.

Why is it difficult for sellers of medical marijuana to make a profit?

Although in Many cases marijuana can help in medicinal purposes, many people fear that they will be arrested for being in possession of said marijuana

Can you be charged with a crime without first being arrested?


Can you be arrested for being caught on tape with marijuana?

The tape CAN be used a part of the evidence in your prosecution but there would need to be some other corroborating testimony that what you were seen smoking on the tape was actually Marijuana.

Does being put in a cop car temporarily mean being arrested without going to jail?

Yes. If you are held but not put in a cell, you have still been arrested.

Can you sell marijuana?

Yes, you can illegally sell marijuana. Most drug dealers are caught so there is not a good chance for you to successfully sell marijuana without being caught.

Can you be charged without being arrested?

Define 'charged.' If you mean arraigned - no. But you can be 'charged' with the commission of a crime before being arrested for it. Grand Jury indictments are one example.

Can you be arrested for public intoxication without being given a Breathalyzer test?


Why are drugs and prostitution illegal?

There are countries where marijuana and prostitution are legal. Prostitutes there are being arrested for incomatx fraud. Marijuana users are arrested there for braking the law regulating the place of use and taking it home. Either way it has proven that prostitution and marijuana no matter how legalized people that are in that kind of activity will break the rules some way or another so; why legalize it?

How does the marijuana of today compare to the marijuana of the 60 70's?

In the 60s and 70s the amount of THC in the marijuana that was being produced was around 6%. Now however, it is somewhere around 27%

Can a class B misdemeanor marijuana charge without any arrest be transferred to another state in any way or can extradition be requested?

I'm not aware of any states extraditing for a misdemeanor, but the misdemeanor warrant will remain active until the individual is arrested, therefore, if you go back to the state where there is a warrant, you are subject to being arrested.

What is the difference between an arrest and being detained?

When your detained you are being held without charge - when your arrested you are charged but not yet convicted

How much marijuana does a person have to posstion in order for it to become a felony in the state of Nebraska?

Being in possession of any amount of marijuana in a subsequent offense becomes a felony in the state of Nebraska.

What is the least amount of marijuana you can carry without being arrested in the UK?

UK lawCLASS B CANNABISIts Illegal. All amounts are classified as such.If you are under 18, you will be arrested and given a formal warning. Parents and Social Services are informed.Up to 5 years in jail for possession irrespective of amount unless it is considered to be other than personal use where it becomes the "supply of"Up to 14 years in jail for supplying or dealing .In addition if driving with Cannabis in the system and therefore under the influence then its a mandated 1 year ban from driving.

Is possession of marijuana a felony in Texas?

Yes and no! Texas has some of the harshest penalties for being in possession of marijuana, but it depends on the amount of marijuana in your possession and your criminal background! First offenses are usually considered a misdemeanor. After repeted violations it is a felony!

How much marijuana can you have on you without being charged?

your gonna be charged ethier way but over a ounce is a felony

How can I pass a marijuana drug test without a kit?

by not being a idot and smoking pot would be a start

Why were some people able to walk in the streets without during the holocaust?

There's a word or phrase missing here ... Without fear? Without being arrested or what?

How do you travel through international airports with marijuana?

You don't. If caught you will NOT be protected by US laws and can face some very severe consequences from the country where you are arrested. In many countries there is no due process, severe prison time, no protection as an American. In places in the world people arrested with drug charges receive death sentence.

How much cannabis can you hold without being arrested?

In the United States of America, the official answer is "none'. On a Federal level the possession of marijuana is illegal. However, in recent years many states have changed their states laws to allow medical marijuana or have decriminalized minimum quantities of marijuana. Those states are violating Federal law and frequently the DEA (which represents our countries laws and not any individual state law) is there to enforce the Federal law.

Where is marijuana from?

Marijuana is a plant that grows in the ground. When he/she says "in my closet" it means that person grew it in a room (probably with special lights) so they can grow better marijuana safer. It is illegal to grow without special licenses, so growing it outside runs the risk of being discovered and being busted. If your question is about the origins of marijuana, I have nothing on that.

What is the penalty for class a felony in NH?

my son is being indicted for a felony charge in NH . He was arrested for disorderly conduct , possesion of marijuana and a knife . How much time is he facing ?

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