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The price of Vivitar digital camera depends on the functions it offers. One of the most important factors that determine the price of a digital camera is the megapixels it consists of. The lowest price for a Vivitar camera can be $4.99. However this price corresponds to a value for money product as the camera that costs that price will not be of high quality. You can generally find a good Vivitar digital camera at the price range of $30-$60.

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A refurbished R725 would be your best bet if you are looking for the cheapest hewlett packard digital camera. They are in like-new condition and very easy to use

The COBRA DIGITAL HDVC5100 5.0 Megapixel 3-in-1 HD Digital Video Camera is the cheapest i can find.

The least expensive touch screen camera that Sony manufactures is the Sony Cyber Shot. The cameras range in price from just over a hundred dollars to just over four hundred dollars. The cameras have a range of other fine features along with being a touch screen digital camera.

For high quality pictures look for a camera with at least 8 megapixels.

The PURE Digital Flip Mino F360 Camcorder but it is 0.31 MP

The website provides you with a list of digital cameras that are all on the same webpage. It is easy to browse and there are no biased comments on the website, so it lets the buyer choose what suits him better. They give a good comparison of at least 8 different camera models.

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As no preference is stated as to brand, Google shopping shows the least amount in-store/online to be as low as $48.00. However, through auctioning websites such as Ebay, a camera is listed as low as $.01

You will need at least a 7.2MP digital camera in order to be able to print professional quality prints. Here is a great site to look over.

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Oh yes, it is possible, and has been done for a number of medium and large-format cameras. A digital camera back may be used in place of the film holder. However, it may be slightly impractical for 35 mm cameras, due to the stellar costs involved. I have seen digital backs for Leica 35 mm models, as well as a few home-made backs for Canon and Nikon cameras. Whether a commercial version is available depends on the actual camera in mind. - - - - - It really wouldn't be worth it except for some really expensive cameras like Leica Rs or Nikon F6s. By the time you got the thing working, you'd have more money invested than a factory-made digital camera costs. Converting a medium-format or large-format camera is a different story. A medium format camera uses interchangeable backs so all you need do is remove your film back and put a digital back on. But the cost! If you wanted to put the least expensive Mamiya digital back on your Mamiya 645, it would cost you about $8000. If you have an RB67, the news is even worse: before you can put the multi-thousand-dollar back on your camera, you need to spend $600 for the piece that goes between back and body, which is called a lock. (An RZ67 lock is almost a thousand dollars.)

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The phone usually does a decent job taking images, however digital camera's are more advanced and can take higher-quality pictures. A digital camera usually has more megapixels which result in better quality images. If purchasing a digital camera, you should buy one with at least eight megapixels. Always remember that high-tech and fancy equipment does not always result in better images. Lighting, scenery, position all come in play when taking pictures. For everyday photographs I would suggest using a phone as it is more convenient to carry, but if you are going for vacation, or a popular tourist area I would suggest to use a camera to get a better quality and higher resolution image.

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Answers to this question encompass a vast universe of possibilities. The game Scrabble has been around since at least 1948. Something new that did not exist then is the digital camera.

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