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Q: What is the legal limit for tobacco and cigarettes from Spain?
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Date the age limit to smoke was increased?

There is no legal age to smoke tobacco. However the legal age to buy tobacco is 18 years of age.

What is the cigarette allowance from majorca?

UK Customs "guidelines" are 800 cigarettes - but this is not a legal limit - the only legal limit is that you can bring ANY amount provided they are for personal consumption

Can you bring 3200 cigarettes back from fuerteventura?

You certainly can but it's illegal. Official legal limit is 200

How many cigarettes are you allowed to bring into the United Kingdom from Spain?

In theory since they are both part of the EU there is almost no limit - in practice there is a limit but it is very large indeed

What was the legal age to smoke in 1975?

in the case of smoking tobacco, there was no age limit. My mom has told me stories of openly buying cigarettes when she was a kid in the 70's. it was a much different time when most everybody still smoked. in the case of marijuana, it was illegal, having no "age limit" to consume illicit drugs.

What is legal limit of cigarettes and tobacco from turkey in UK?

Having just checked the HMRC website - as far as I can see there is no limit as Turkey is part of the EU. HOWEVER - you must satisfy customs on arrival that the amount you are bringing in is for personal use. A recent documentary on cable TV saw a couple trying to bring back over 10,000 cigarettes AND 3 kilos of tobacco. This was ALL confiscated, as the couple reckoned they could smoke the lot in three months ! Which customs didn't believe. So - as long as you're not planing those kind of quantities - don't worry.

Can you bring both tobacco and cigarettes and how much of each into the UK from holland?

Officially there is no limit to the amount of tobacco you can bring to the UK from Holland. However the customs service will require you to prove that it is for your personal use. Something which would be very difficult if you had a van load.

What is the age limit for smoking in Germany?

The legal age to smoke and to buy tobacco products is 18. The age was raised in 2007 from 16 to 18.

How is tobacco used illegally?

if you are under the age limit then it is illegal to smoke tobacco.

What is the legal drinking limit?

The legal drink limit is 0.8

What is the legal limit for tires?

The legal limit is 1.6 mm

What is the age limit to use e cigarettes?

The age of 18 can buy electronic cigarettes.

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