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Q: What is the length of a human gut?
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Can earthworms survive in the human gut like a tapeworm?


What is one factor that would influence the length and specialisation in the gut?


What is Symbiotic relationship between human host and bacteria in the gut which supply the body with vitamin K?

The bacteria absorb nutrients in the gut from digested food - the human benefits from the production of the vitamin.

Which region of the human gut receives bile from the bile duct?

The "Liver"

What is the anatomically correct name for the gut sac of a human?

Peritoneal cavity

What are the release dates for The Game - 2006 A Punch in the Gut--- Full of Human 5-11?

The Game - 2006 A Punch in the Gut--- Full of Human 5-11 was released on: USA: 20 March 2012

What region of the human gut absorbs water from indigestible material?

The colon, specifically the large intestine, is responsible for absorbing water from indigestible material. Water absorption in the colon helps to form solid feces by removing excess water from the waste material.

Where does the gut go inside a human body?

The intestines are located in the lower abdomen.

What is the length of a single human nephron?

The average length of a single human nephron is approximately 30-35 mm.

How long is the human?

there is no actual length of the human stomach.

What is the greatest human cell in length?

The longest human cell are nerve cells in the human body. Some of them run the length of the spine all the way to the toes and may be as long as 1.5m in length.

What jobs do bacteria perform in the human gut?

Escherichia Coli are good bacteria that are in the human gut. What they do is that they are usually used for detecting for contaminations. So they can go through your body through drinking water, even though it is not harmful then. They can help tell if that person is contaminated in any way.