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25 to 30 years

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What is the life expectancy of the African grey parrot?

One of the most noteworthy species of the parrot family is the African grey parrot. Known for their longevity, the average life expectancy of this bird is approximately 60 years.

What is the life span of a quaker parrot?

I think they can live for 30 years or more.

How come your quaker parrot is very quiet today?

Because its not a quaker - its a Norwegian blue.

How can you tell the sex of a Quaker parrot?

You have to get a blood test.

Are quaker parrots extinct?

No. They are no where near extinction! They are not even endangered! I have a Quaker Parrot, they're are thousands if not millions.

Can a parrot have oatmeal with cinniamin?

I have a quaker parrot and I was eating oatmeal, it had cinnimon in it and I was afraid to give him some, can he eat it?

Can you house a parrotlet with a quaker parrot?

Not naturally.they do fight sometimes.

How long does it take Quaker Parrot eggs to hatch?

4 weeks

If a female Quaker parrot lays eggs but there is no male involved will the eggs hatch?

No it will not

How much do parrots whigh?

It depends on which sepecies of parrot u have I have a Quaker named pickles

What is the life expectancy of Sweden?

Overall life expectancy at birth: 80.63 Male life expectancy at birth: 78.93 Female life expectancy at birth: 83

What is the life expectancy of Japan?

As of 2007 the life expectancy for men in Japan was 79.2. And for women the life expectancy was 85.9. as of 2011 the life expectancy for japan 82.6

What birds do talk?

Many types of parrot are able to mimic speech, such as the Quaker and African grey parrot. Parakeets are also able to mimic speech.

What is the life expectancy in Germany?

what is the life Expectancy in Germany?

What is the life expectancy in Japan?

The Life expectancy in Japan is 83 years.

What is a Quaker?

It could be a type of parrot. It could be a person who worships in the manner suggested by George Fox.

What is the average age of life expectancy in China?

In China the average life expectancy is 74.2 years. The life expectancy for males is 72 years and the life expectancy for females is 76.4.

Why does your quaker parrot hold his head?

If you're talking about an action in which the Quaker Parrot puts it's foot on it's head and holds it there, I can relate with my bird. My Quaker Parrot 'holds' his head with his foot while he's relaxed and preening. I think this behavior is simply him enjoying scratching himself with his claws. He clenches his toes in and out in a scratching manner while looking very pleased. He'll sometimes let me scratch him with my fingernail, too.

What is Antigua life expectancy?

Antiguas life expectancy is 90

What is Madagascar's life expectancy for men and women?

I think the life expectancy for women is 62 and the life expectancy for men is 59.

Tell you in one word the sound a parrot makes?

Lineolated parakeet : "prrreeprrreeprrree" Cockatoo : "BRAAAAAAAAAAK" Macaw : see cockatoo Ringneck : "raaaaaaaw" Quaker parrot : "AAAWK"

Which country in Latin America has the highest life expectancy in the region?

According to the World Health Organization, both Costa Rica and Chile are the most advanced countries in this regard, with a life expectancy of 79 years (2011):Chile: Male life expectancy: 76Female life expectancy: 82Overall life expectancy: 79Costa Rica: Male life expectancy: 77Female life expectancy: 81Overall life expectancy: 79

Australia life expectancy?

The life expectancy in Australia is around 81 years for males. Females have a life expectancy of about 85 years.

Japan's life expectancy?

The average life expectancy for a male in Japan is 80 years. The life expectancy of a female is 86 years.

Which is a better parrot a Quaker or Senegal?

A Senegal. Quakers are very loud. Senegal are amongst the quiter Parrots