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In general, the typical gunnite built-in pool will last a good 30-40 years before any significant re-work to the pool itself is usually needed. Given proper care and maintanence, there is no reason why a well-contstructed pool can't last 50+ years. This is evidenced by the fact that there are many, many pools still in service that were built during the 1950's. Hope this helps...

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Q: What is the life span of a concrete pool with proper care?
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How often should you have to buy a new pool pump?

A pool pump should only be replaced if and when it fails. A pool pump needs proper maintanance in order to function properly,and should last the life of the pool ith proper care.

Can I use bleach in my pool.?

Definitely not. Use proper care when cleaning your pool

What are the benefits of a concrete inground pool?

They last longer and easier to take care of.

What is the best care for swimming pool?

One of the best ways to prevent problems with your swimming pool is by running the pump and circulating the water. The best care for the pool varies depending on the type of pool you have but keeping proper water chemistry is important for any pool.

Is a concrete pool or vinyl pool better in Northern Kentucky?

A concrete pool is better any where if it is done professionally.

Can you use salt in a concrete pool?

Yes, there is no problem with using salt in a concrete pool.

Can you eliminate the pool tile and have plaster only?

You don't need to tile a pool, if you use a good waterproof concrete render and paint it using proper swimming pool paint. (don't use emulsion)

Is there anything that can be put in your pool to redye your concrete pool dark blue?

There does not appear to be anything that can be put in your pool to redeye your concrete in the pool dark blue. This can only be achieved by draining the pool and painting the concrete a dark blue color.

How do you turn a fully concrete liner pool into a fully concrete pool with out a liner?

by taking the liner away!

What pool is best?


Draining and swimming pool?

When draining a pool take care that there isn't enough ground water around the outside of the pool to lift it out of position, even a concrete pool will float on ground water. and once they are lifted out of the ground you are in big trouble.

Is it possible to change a concrete pool into a liner pool if your inground concrete pool has cracks along the side down near the bottom?

Yes it can be done

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