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What is the likely hood of being pregnant with a negative result?


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It is more common for home pregnancy tests to give a false negative than a false positive. You could be testing too soon. Home pregnancy tests are considered accurate 14-16 days after ovulation.

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you are coming into the menopause stage of your life so that may be the reason for the missed period and negative pregnancy test. the likely hood of being pregnant afer having your tubes tied is pretty much none existant

No test is guaranteed to be 100% accurate, however, the normal cause of a negative pregnancy test is that the person being tested is not pregnant.

Only if the twin is a heifer and if that twin has been tested negative for being a freemartin (IF she had been twinned with a bull calf). Twin heifers are both highly likely to get pregnant when they reach puberty.

Go to the doctor and ask them to do a test because it is more reliable

Some women can ave periods while pregnant its rare but does happen. Also my sister did three tests her first some sed positive, 2nd sed negative thn 3rd sed positive. And it did turn out she was pregnant. She went to her doctor and he confirmed it for her so yu shud do the same =]Xo Kat

down's syndrome is more likely

if you have done 5 home pregnancy tests and they all result in a negative reading then is is not likely that you have become pregnant. If you have had late or absent periods there could be other contributing factors, such as sudden weight change or recent stress. My advice would be get yourself to the doctors are get a pregnancy test from them. It may be the stress of worrying about being pregnant that's causing youre absent periods!

Yes sometimes home tests can give a false negative result. If you are certain you are late for you period, go to a doctor and have them preform a pregnancy test so that you know for sure whether or not you are pregnant.

If the amount of negative integers being multiplied is even, the result will be positive. If it is odd (like 101), the product will be negative.

No not at all. You were lucky being able to get pregnant that quick.

It's possible - anything 'out of the ordinary' could be as a result of being pregnant - as the hormones in your body are preparing you for nurturing a developing embryo.

If you follow the instructions, you only need one positive test to know for sure that you are pregnant. You might get a negative result despite being actually pregnant. If you think this is the case, wait a few days and try again.

If you have a negative test and a period you are probably not pregnant. If you are paranoid about being pregnant you may be seeing symptoms that are not really there.

If you're test came back negative your not pregnant. It's right you're not pregnant. It means your hormones are out of whack. Sorry. I've been there, I know how it feels. Sorry honey.

More then likely your not pregnant, as long as the tests are from two different companies. Maybe stress is giving you the symptoms of pregnancy. If this persists I'd suggest that you seek medical attention and get a test from a Doctor.

most likely not pregnant, with so many negatives, but that being said, pregnancy tests are not always right, and you can get your period while pregnant, if you think you might be, its best to consult a doctor

I think there is such a thing as false pregnancy, but it is less likely than actually being pregnant. Consult your physician for a definite diagnosis.

Pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, but being that it was negative and you got your period, I'd say you are definitely not pregnant.

Yes in fact. The body is more likely to catch infections when it is down or at stress. Being pregnant is putting the body under stress in a number of ways.

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