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What is the limitation of metro Ethernet?

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Metro ethernet is used to connect subscribers to what larger service network?

Metro Ethernet, also known as a metropolitan-area Ethernet, is used to connect subscribers to a larger service network, or the Internet. Businesses can also use Metro Ethernets to connect their offices to each other.

Can you use Verizon phones on metro pcs service?

Yes you can, I'm not sure if you need to know someone but you can definitely use it for Metro PCS. My friend works for METRO and she was able to hook up my Verizon Razor to a Metro Account. It is possible some models can depending on the brand but there is a Limitation Only Voice n text can be used.

What describes a limitation of legacy Ethernet technologies?

Over time, insects are likely to develop resistance to the bacterial toxin. thats what study island says and its true..

What are the main types of high bandwidth connection options used by medium-to large-sized businesses?

Metro Ethernet, T1 and T3.

What are different types of internet connection?

GPON, Metro-Ethernet, Frame-relay, Cable modem, Satellite, DSL, Fixed Wireless, Mobile Wireless, and Dial-Up

What are three main types of high-bandwidth connection options used by medium- to large-sized businesses?

T1, T3, Metro ethernet

What is the difference between industrial ethernet and normal ethernet?

There is no difference; Ethernet is Ethernet, regardless of where it is deployed.

Will a longer Ethernet cord weaken the signal?

If the cable gets long enough, yes.But the two most common Ethernet standards (100 Mbps and Gigabit) state a maximum cable length of 100 meters, so you are not likely to run into this limitation for household use.See related Wikipedia link.

Which packet-switched WAN technology offers high-bandwidth connectivity capable of managing data voice and video all on the same infrastructure?

metro Ethernet

An Ethernet port is used for connecting your computer to a?

An Ethernet port is for you to plug in an Ethernet cable. You have your Ethernet cable plug into your Ethernet port and your Modem or Router to give you access to the internet.

Name three types of ethernet?

10-Mbps Ethernet, 100-Mbps or Fast Ethernet, and 1000-Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet.

Can you connect an wireless to ethernet to ethernet?

A wireless device can be connected to Ethernet by using an Ethernet to wireless bridge. This allows the wireless signal to be converted into a physical connection where it can be passed on to other Ethernet devices.

Ethernet Cable?

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How do you connect a mac to ethernet?

Use the Ethernet Port (The MacBook Air dose not have a Ethernet Port)

What is Ethernet and fast Ethernet?

Ethernet is the most popular networking technology used in LANs. Fast Ethernet is used to refer to any version of Ethernet that meets or surpasses the 100 Mbps transfer speed.

What is the example of packet switching network?

IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...IP, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ...

What is the opposite of 'limitation'?


What is giga ethernet?

Giga ethernet is technologies for transmitting Ethernetframes at a rate of a gigabit per second,

What device is used for the ethernet port?

An ethernet wire

Which encapsulation must be used to enable Ethernet II frame type on your Ethernet?

Arpa encapsulation must be used to enable Ethernet II frame type on your Ethernet.

What is the ethernet?

Provides for transport of information between physical locations on ethernet cable. Data is passed in ethernet packets.

What are ethernet cables used for?

Ethernet cables are used to connect devices with an Ethernet network card together in a LAN.

What type of cable is used to connect the Ethernet interfaces on a host PC to the Ethernet interfaces on switch?


What are the computer limitation?

5 limitation of computers

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