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the link is that it is a theory that a huge meteor or comet wiped out the majority of the dinosaurs when it impacted on the earth's surface and caused a huge amount of dust to rise into the air and blocked out the sun which meant that the dinosaurs could not breathe and probably froze to death and the impact would have caused an explosion that would be an equivalent to thousands of atomic bombs going off at once I am not totally sure of the facts but this is a start for you...also I think this is a theory and may not have happened at all unless we have testamony from someone who was around back then...sorry about the pun


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The meteors crashed on earth somewhere, soon it started to warm up.Then the dinosaurs died

Birds have an evolutionary link between Dinosaurs...

From how freakin big they were

Valley of the Dinosaurs - 1974 Rain of Meteors was released on: USA: 23 November 1974

Archeopteryx belongs to the group Aves, which are a subgroup of Theropoda. They were closely related to the link between dinosaurs and birds.

Nope. Meteorology is not the study of meteors, it's the study of Weather. Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life, like dinosaurs.

No dinosaurs were mammals, but reptiles. "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard." Though there may be a link between dinosaurs and modern birds.

If the meteors didn't kill the dinosaurs then maybe the volcano burnt all the the plants and the hobovors died because the plants died and meat eating dinosaurs died after the hobavors died.

The missing link between dinosaurs and birds is a dino-bird which palaeontologists call an Archaeopteryx (pronounced ark-ee-OP-ter-icks).

Birds. Some have suggested that birds may not actually be descended from dinosaurs at all (see related links). However this is not accepted in mainstream science as of yet and the link between bird and dinosaurs remains strong.

Archaeopteryx is not believed to be an ancestor to any modern animals. However, it was probably closely related to the evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs.

Meteors. Why hasn't it happened again? We just haven't been fortunate enough, yet.

This can vary a lot between different meteors; the main classification, if I remember correctly, is between "ice meteors" that are made up mainly of ice, and "rock meteors", out of rocky materials.

the meteor that hit earth wiped out dino`s over 65 million years ago

Meteors come from leftover debris of asteroids in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter .

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Meteors burn up in the Mesosphere because of friction between the meteors and the molecules located here. The mesosphere is the coldest part of the Earth's atmosphere.

Otherwise known as dino birds, these dinos were the first "birds" to exist.

They guess, no-one knows. There's theories about meteors and ice ages, but its a mystery really.

None. There is no close relationship between dinosaurs and fish.

between 25,000 and 160,000 mph.

Meteors are made up of rocks and ice and dust from space where as shooting stars are falling stars.

Comets are flying bits of rock that don't enter the earth's atmosphere and meteors are flying bits of iron stone or stony iron. Also meteors do enter the earth's atmosphere.

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