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The official SI prefixes for multiples have been altered to apply to bytes, where computers have used increments of 1024 (210) rather than 1000 as other metric uses do. The amended names are as follows:

Bit = 1 binary digit

Byte = 8 bits

Kibibyte = 1024 bytes

Mebibyte = 1024 kibibytes = 220 bytes or 1048576 bytes

Gibibyte = 1024 mebibytes = 230 bytes

Tebibyte = 1024 gibibytes = 240 bytes

Pebibyte = 1024 tebibytes = 250 bytes

Exbibyte = 1024 pebibytes = 260 bytes

Zebibyte = 1024 exbibytes = 270 bytes

Yobibyte = 1024 zebibytes = 280 bytes

(Unofficially, the term "brontobibyte" is 1024 yottabytes or 290 bytes)

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Q: What is the list of prefixes from lowest to highest for bytes?
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