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More than 92 %.

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Q: What is the literacy rates of Hawaii?
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What is the literacy rates in prisons?

Well, arguably the question should read 'What ARE literacy rates in prisons?' but maybe we should be concerned with literacy rates outside of prison.

What is the literacy rate for Uruguay?

Literacy rates in Uruguay are higher than 90%. Has one of the best literacy rates in the world

What are factors that affect literacy rates?

poverty is the main factor that affect literacy rates

What happened to literacy rates after primary education was made compulsory in France?

literacy rates increased

Can everyone write?

Not everyone can write. Different countries have different literacy rates. Most countries in the western world have literacy rates of around 99%, whereas developing countries have much lower literacy rates.

What is Turkey literacy rates?


What are the literacy rates of feudalism?


Literacy rate in Hawaii?

Close to 15% of adults in Hawaii cannot read. The numbers are improving each year because of the work of literacy campaigns.

What is the literacy rates in Canada?

the literacy rate of Canada of 2010 is 99.0

Japan literacy rates?


Which are included in a country's Human Development Index?

standard living and ratesLiteracy ratesStandard of living

What is Hawaii's literacy?

As of the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy, the literacy rate for Hawai'i was 16%. This means that 1 in 6, or more than 150,000, adults in Hawai'i are considered unable to read at a basic, functional level, and would benefit from basic education or literacy tutoring or assistance. Source: Hawaii Literacy