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What is the little blue pill?


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Many people use the term blue pill or little blue pill for Viagra. A slogan came about when it was used for erectile dysfunction: The Little Blue Pill That Could. It dilates arteries and was first used for angina (heart). It was also found to dilate other arteries and the effect on the blood flow was greatly increased. It moved from the bedroom to athletes on the field.

Generally speaking, anywhere pill bugs are normally found. Blue pill bugs are not a different species from ordinary brown ones. Rather, they are simply ordinary pill bugs that are infected with iridiovirus. So, in effect, a blue pill bug is a sick pill bug.

A blue, round pill, imprinted with "031, R" is Xanax 1mg.A blue, round, pill, imprinted with "MYLAN A1" is Xanax 1mg.A blue, round pill, imprinted with "XANAX 1.0" is Xanax 1mg.A blue, oval pill, imprinted with "G3721" is Xanax 1mg .A blue, round pill, imprinted with "b 493, 2" is Xanax XR 2mg .A blue, round pill, imprinted with "2, X" is Xanax 2mg.XR = (Extended Release)

A light blue pill with the number 623 on it is a female hormone pill that contains estradiol and norethindrone. This medication is used as an oral contraceptive.

i think its a tylenol PM pill

this pill is an oxycodone/roxicodone 30mg

One Little Pill - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

In the "Matrix" flims, the blue pill represented "ignorance is bliss", not having to know the inner workings of everything. The red pill represented knowledge, but also complexity and even overwhelm. The metaphor can be distilled down to the "red pill vs. blue pill", "eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge" so to speak, vs. "ignorance is bliss" or "just go along for the ride and don't think about it".

i found a small round pill withczr on it,what is it?

the red pill let you get out of the matrix and see the real world while the blue pill makes you stay in the matrix

Pill lower left Pill Upper right 3 violet on center Pill lower right Pill Upper left Blue Red

$3 for 10mg lil blue pill and $5 for 20mg for lil pink pill

zanax pill if blue how many mg use for anxiety

It is a 30 milligram pain killer called Roxys or the drug term "Blues". This pill has usually the letter M, a215, or a music note on the front. The pill is usually a light blue, dark blue, or white. This pill is highly addicting, and it is a terrible idea to start using.

It is a Oxycodone 30mg

The M stands for morphine.

A blue oval shaped pill with a SL 20 and M on the pill are sildenafil 20 mg.

There are any number of round blue pills, each with different imprints on them and strengths. For example, a round blue pill could be Oxycodone Hydrochloride, Alprazolam, Morphine Sulfate SR, Diazepam or Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride.

Generally a round blue pill or a blue capsule for XRs

1. Pill bugs breathe with gills so they need to live in areas with high humidity or in wet places 2. Pill Bugs help decompose organic material faster 3. Sick pill bugs turn bright blue 4. pill bugs blood is blue because the hemoeyanin has copper ions 5. Pill bugs are NOT insects they are Isopods

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