What is the load and effort of clothespin?

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Q: What is the load and effort of clothespin?
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Is a clothespin a lever?

it is definetly a lever beacause the load is on one end the effort is on the other side of the clothespin and the fulcrum is the sprin so it is a lever

Why can a clothespin be a class 1 lever and a class 3 lever?

because In a Type 1 Lever, the pivot (fulcrum) is between the effort and the load. In an off-center type one lever (like a pliers), the load is larger than the effort, but is moved through a smaller distance. Examples of common tools (and other items) that use a type 1 lever include and in a Type 3 Lever, the effort is between the pivot (fulcrum) and the load.

Tell you about levers and their effort and load?

The load is the weight and the effort is the movment. The effort is the force applied, and load divided by effort is mechanical advantage.

How do you say clothespin in Spanish?


How much effort is required to lift the load if the load is 360N?

This will occur if the fulcrum is closer to the load than the effort.

What are the four parts of the lever?

load arm, effort arm, load, effort, fulcrum!

What is effort load?

Effort load is how much force it takes to lift and object. You can measure effort force with a spring scale.

Keeping the location of the effort constant Will the effort increase if the load is moved farther away from the fulcrum?

The magnitude of the effort is controlled by you, not by the distance of the load from the fulcrum. Moving the load farther away from the fulcrum has no effect on the effort. But if you want to leave the effort where it is and still lift the load with the lever, then you're going to have to increase the effort.

What are the four parts of a lever system?

load arm, effort arm, load, effort, fulcrum!

What is the difference between effort distance and load distance?


Where is the fulcrum effort and load of door?

The fulcrum is the hinge, the effort is the handle, and the load is the entire door.

Where are the effort load and fulcrum locate in a first class lever?

The fulcrum is between the effort and the load.

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