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the location of one artery used to take blood pressure is

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Q: What is the location of one artery used to take blood pressure?
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What Artery is usually palpated to take blood pressure?

Brachial Artery

What artery in the arm is used to take blood pressure?

Brachial artery

What type of blood vessel do you take blood pressure in?

Blood pressure is taken through an artery. Normal BP is highest in the artery side of the circulatory system and lower in the venous side.

How do you take someones blood pressure if they have no arms or legs?

Catheterize an artery.

Where does the subclavian artery take blood to and from?

An Artery takes blood from your heart

Where does the pulonary artery take blood to?

The pulmonary artery is the only artery in the human body that can carry deoxygenated blood. It takes the blood from the heart and back to the lungs.

Where does the pulmonary artery take the blood?

it takes the dehighdrated blood

How do you take a person's blood pressure?

You use a blood pressure cuff. The flow of blood is stopped to the arm (brachial artery) and then the pressure is lowered. When the blood starts to flow, that is the high blood pressure reading (systolic), when the blood flows freely, without restriction, that is the low pressure (diastolic). The two numbers are written as systolic over diastolic. Eg. 120/90.

Where does the renal artery take the blood to?


Is blood pressure highest in the aorta pulmonary artery capillary bed or subclavian vein?

The order, from most to least pressure: * Aorta * pulmonary artery * capillary bed * subclavian vein This is because the aorta takes blood the farthest distance, from the heart to the rest of our body organs, so it requires a greater push from the heart. Pressure in the veins is always lower, due to the fact the blood flowing through them has travelled further. The pulmonary artery doesn't take blood as far as the aorta, so it therefore does not need as high a pressure.

What would happen if the pulmonary artery was to be cut and bleed?

The pulmonary artery is the one which carries blood from the right ventricle to the lungs. It is the only artery in the body that carries deoxygenated blood. The blood is carried at a pressure, usually less than 30mmHg. So, if the pulmonary artery was to be cut and bleed, the person would die when blood volume fell below the minimum necessary. This wouldn't take long, either. Between actual blood loss, and the sudden decrease in pressure such an injury would cause death in approximately 2 minutes

Can heat cause heart condition?

Heat related to the human body causes vein and artery dilation (expansion) and decreases pressure or blood flow (blood pressure). If a person has plaque severe enough that the body requires a certain pressure to push blood through it and you take that pressure away, the artery can spasm and close or be deprived of needed blood flow causing ischemia (lack of oxygen) or infarct (myocardial infarct or heart attack).

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