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Q: What is the long tube in the middle of a flower that has the ovary at its base?
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How far is the ovary from the uterus?

Anatomically the ovaries are lateral to the uterus and they are about one inch (a finger width) (0.4cm) away from the uterus.However the egg has a longer distance to travel to the uterus.Each fallopian tube is 10–13 cm (4–5 inches) long. The isthmus of the tube is a small region, only about 2 cm (0.8 inch) long and the uterus is about 7 centimeters long (3cm) . If the egg implants in the middle of the uterus, as most do, the total length is 7.8 inches or 3cm from the ovary to the uterus.

What does stamen look like?

Stamen typically consist of a stalk and an anther, this is according to Wikipedia. Stamen is the pollen producing reproductive organ of any particular flower.

How many plant cells in a lily?

Lilies have three carpels. The carpel includes these parts: the stigma on top, a long tube called the style, and the ovary at the end of the style. However, when you look at the flower, you see only one carpel but actually three are fused together.

What are the differences between short day plants and long day plants?

A long day plant requires fewer than a certain number of hours of darkness in each 24 hour period to induce flowering. These plants typically flower in the late spring or early summer as days are getting longer. Short day plants flower when the night is longer than a critical length. They cannot flower under the long days of summer. These plants generally flower in late summer or fall, as days are getting shorter. Short day plants will not flower if a pulse of artificial light is shined on the plant for several minutes during the middle of the night; they require a consolidated period of darkness before floral development can begin. Natural nighttime light, such as moonlight or lightning, is not of sufficient brightness or duration to interrupt flowering.

How long are the base pairs of Okazaki fragments?

50 base pairs

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What is the long tube in the middle of the flower that has the ovary at its base?


What is style on a plant?

The style is a long, slender stalk found within the flower. It links the stigma and the ovary. The stigma is located at the top of the style and it is a sticky platform in which the pollen grains are deposited.

Is pregnancy possible without an ovary?

As long as you have at least one functioning ovary left you can get pregnant.

Long tube between the ovary and the uterus?

The long tube between the ovary and the uterus is the fallopian tube. There are usually two fallopian tubes in the female body, one for each ovary.

What is the internal structure of a flower?

Flowers are main reproductive part of plants. The flower parts are arranged in 4 whorls. The first whorl constitutes of the calyx, the second constitutes of the corolla, third androecium and fourth gynoecium. Androecium and gynoecium are the male and female reproductive parts. The androecium consists of the anthers and staminal tube. They release pollen. The gynoecium consists of ovary that has ovules which are female gametes. The ovary has a long tube like structure called style which has a terminal stigma, which accepts pollen.

Is it possible to get pregnant with just one ovary left if theres an opening?

As long as you have a functioning ovary and a uterus, then yes, you can get pregnant.

Can a pregnancy be successful with only one ovary and tube?

Yes! As long as that ovary and tube are functioning normally, and are on the same side.

How big does a cannabis plant have to be to tell if it is a male or female?

Its not the size. Its the characteristics of the flower. Female plants will develop seed pouches at the base of the flower. Inside the flower the stigma( long thing in the center) will be much longer and stickyer than a male plant.

My ovary is 4.6cm. Is that large for an ovary?

Normal ovaries are 3-5 cm long, so yours is within the normal range.

When does the egg come out of the ovary?

How long for the womens eggs are out after periods

Can the reproductive system function if there is one ovary?

Yes. As long as there is one ovary which has the ability to produce an egg cell, a female can reproduce and have babies.

how long is a flower?

Depends what type a flower it is