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Q: What is the longest a stingray has ever lived?
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What are the release dates for Stingray - 1985 The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived 2-9?

Stingray - 1985 The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived 2-9 was released on: USA: 20 March 1987

What is the oldest age any human has lived to be?

The longest someone ever lived is about 120 years old and that person happened to be a man and the longest women that ever lived was about 108-112.

What is the longest anyone have ever lived?

996 years

Who is the longest to ever live on earth?

Mafusal lived 965.

Whats the longest that sperm has ever lived in a condom?

about 15 days.

How old do tigers in captivity get?

the longest a tiger has ever lived that is in captivity is 20

What is the longest thing that ever lived?

That would probably be a redwood tree or a tortoise.

Which dinosaur was the longest land animal to have ever lived?

The longest dinosaur is believed to be Argentinasaurus, which could grow to 110 feet.

What is the longest anyone ever lived?

996 years is the longest anyone has ever lived

What animal has lived the longest?

tortoise has lived the longest

How long did the oldest hippo live?

the longest that a hippo has ever lived is 83 years old.

What name a pet that life's a long time?

the longest animal i ever heard that lived for the longest time was a turtle thy have lived and can live for hundreds of years and they have been around for millions even older then dinosaurs!