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What is the longest book ever written?

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The longest book ever written is called "Yongle Dadian". An enclyclopedia with 11,095 volumes and 22,877 chapters.

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What is the longest book ever written-?

A "La Recherche du Temps Perdu" by Marcel Proust is the longest book ever to be written.

What is the longest fictional book ever written?

Ron L hubbards book on sciencetology

How many pages does the biggest book have?

The longest book ever written was the Yongle Dadian which is an encyclopedia with 11,095

What is the longest book written about a major prophet?

The book of Jeremiah is the longest in the numbers of written words and book of Isaiah is the longest with respect to the number of chapters.

What is the longest essay ever written and what was it about?

The longest essay ever written had 290574 pages, and was about the creation of sex.

Which is the longest thesis ever written?

My dick written by: me

Whats the longest essay ever written?

The longest essay ever written had 290,574 pages. Can you believe that?10,000 pages

Which book was the longest book Louis Sachar ever wrote?


What is the largest Harry Potter book ever?

The longest book is the Order Of The Phoenix.

What is the longest essay ever written about?

The creation of sex

What is the longest piece of music ever written?


What was the best book ever written?

The catcher in the rye is arguably the best book ever written.

How many pages are in the longest book ever written?

artamene by madeleine and George de scudery published in 1649 had 2.1 million words.

What is the longest book Michael Morpurgo has written?

The book is called Running Wild

What is the longest story ever written?

well the longest story was 3756 .36 min long

What is the longest novel ever written?

The Stand by Stephen King

Was the Bible the first book ever written?

The Bible was probably not the first book ever written by hand, however it was the first book ever printed. It was printed by Guttenburg.

What is Dr Seuss favorite book ever written?

his faviorte book ever written is green eggs and ham!

What is the longest non-fiction book ever?

The longest I know of is "The Civil War: A Narrative" by Shelby Foote. It is 3000 pages long and an absolutely brilliant book.

What is the longest fiction book?

The Bible. It was written by MAN; can you honestly trust it?

Whos the author of the most famous vampire book ever written?

No vampire book ever written has been as famous as Dracula written by Bram Stoker.

What is Book of Mormon's longest book?

The book of Alma is the longest book in the Book of Mormon.

Who wrote the book on which the war film The Longest Day was based on?

The Longest Day was written by Cornelius Ray, and published in 1959. The movie, which was based on the book, was released in 1962.

How long is the longest long ever longest on the longest long?

The longest song ever in the USA was 75 minutes

Have Metallica ever written a book?

No Definitely not