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What is the longest event in the Olympics?


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In terms of competition time - Sailing is the longest individual event - Ben Ainslie completed 11 races totalling 10:45 hours over 6 days to win a single Gold medal at London 2012.


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the longest event in the olympics is the marathon

The longest swimming event for men in the Olympics is the 1500 meter freestyle and for women is the 800 meter freestyle.

Depends on what the question refers to: The longest "running" event is the Marathon, but the longest event in terms of distance in the athletics is the Mens 50 kilometre walk (but you certainly aren't allowed to run in that). Alternatively there are a whole series of events that have been included in every Olympics, therefore there is no single longest running event in terms of being at every Olympics.

Not in the Olympics, but in some competitions you can skate as long as marathons! But in the Olympics, the longest distance is 3000m

That is the 10k Open Water event that debuted at the 2008 Games in Beijing. Lara Ilchenko of Russia won the gold medal in a time of 59 minutes, 27.7 seconds. Prior to the 2008 Olympics, the longest swimming event for women was the 800 meter freestyle.

5,000m (5k) and 10,000m. Once Haile Gebrselassie did 20,000m but that was a one off!

10,000m or 10km walk, although you're not alllowed to run in that.

yes they do have a boxing event in the olympics

No other event occurs after the Olympics. What about the Winter Olympics for snow type events and then the para Olympics.

Yes. The Marathon is second at 42.195 km and the 20 km walk is third.

A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

luge is a winter Olympics event, the Beijing Olympics were the summer Olympics

The longest athletics race in the Olympics is the marathon race, over 26 miles. But the longest of all is the mens cycling road race at 239km

The Tour d'Afrique was billed as the longest bicycle event at 12000km.

It is the biggest sporting event.

Yes, the discus is a track and field event. A heavy disc, called a discus is thrown, the longest throw wins the game.

From 2016 in Brazil Golf will be an event at the Olympics.

The longest runing sporting event in the USA is the Kentucky Derby

Skateboarding was run as a test event in the year 2000 summer olympics, but is not currently an event.

Tug of war has never been an event at the Summer Olympics

the Olympics has changed in many ways like there is more games and event being held and the event of the Olympics going on has got much much bigger

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