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All night til the next evening.

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Q: What is the longest time anybody stayed up on a one night sleep over?
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If you have stayed up most of the night and had only two to four hours to sleep before you had to get up again would you be more alert if you decided to sleep or stayed awake the rest of the night?

you would be more alert if you went to sleep.

How long can humans survive without sleep?

The answer is unknown but the longest anyone has ever stayed up is 11 days!!

Answer to the shortest day and longest night in south Africa 2010?

20th June is the shortest day and longest night and it falls on a Sunday, so have a sleep in!

What is Longest recorded time some one has gone without sleep?

i stayed up for 12 days once i was high

How can a woman go eight days without sleep?

The longest that a human has stayed awake is just short of 11 days, so theoretically staying awake for eight days is doable. However it is not healthy and you should not attempt it.

What is the longest time some one has been awake?

At my sleep over me and my friend stayed up till four in the morning we were very tired after wards

What did Bella say in her sleep the first night edward stayed over?

She said she loved Edward. Which Edward happened to bring up in one of their following conversations.

Do jellyfish sleep at day or night?

They Sleep at Night.

Does a sloth sleep at night?

yes they do sleep at night

What is the longest time a person has ever stayed awake?

The longest recorded time a person has stayed awake without using stimulants is 264 hours, which is just over 11 days. This extreme sleep deprivation can have serious health consequences and is not recommended.

Do elephant sleep during night or day?

Generally they sleep at night

Do chickens sleep?

Chickens do sleep. They sleep at night just like humans.