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What is the magnetic field?

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A magnetic field is caused by the movement of electric charges.

The magnetic field B is a vector of space and it is defined

for every point of space.

Magnetic field and electric current are closely related, since

electric current is basically a flow of electric charges. When an

electric current I runs through an electric wire, it creates

a magnetic field around the wire; the greater the electric

current, the stronger the magnetic field.

A magnetic field B, along with an electric field

E, creates an electromagnetic force called Lorentz Force,

F, on an electric charge q of velocity v:

F = q [E+(v x B)]

where x represents the vector product (or ''cross product'') of

v and B.

Magnetic fields have many applications in science, engineering

and medicine.

When iron is placed in a magnetic field, some of it's domains

line up with the field and the iron becomes magnetized.

its the quatitiy that has both direction and magnitude

the direction of the magnetic field is taken to be the direction

in which a north pole of the compass needle moves inside it..

the magnitude line are closed curves.

How does gravity work? How does magnetism work?

Energy can not be created or destroyed. To have energy you must

have substance. The substance that causes gravity flows through the

'empty' space inside and in between all atomic particles.

Collisions in between matter and the substance that causes gravity

(aether) are infrequent, if not impossible.

It is not visible because light does not effect it, sort of how

light passes through water. You can not feel it because it is more

fluid than any gas. You can see it in solar flares, or when you

pick iron pyrite out of the sand with a magnet and watch the iron

dance on top of a paper plate while you hold the magnet underneath.

A magnetic field is a constant supply of energy that is not

potential, but creates kinetic force. Since there is kinetic

response without any physical exchange, there must be substance. I

call it spirit (wow did I just prove that divinity exists in the

universe as a monist state?).

Event horizon is caused by reverse buoyancy effect. A black hole

spinning very fast has a close undertow, and when something gets

close enough, it is swallowed up. The more mass (atomic particles)

an object has, the greater the effect it will have on the aether.

Aether moves from positive to negative, or top to bottom, around

and around, in and out. This explains why some galaxies have a jet

effect. It effects metal (magnetism) because metal has shared

electrons. Shared electrons allow current to flow, which explains

why power sources can cause phenomena. It is effected by the

motion of electrons. Neural pathways also effect this substance,

this is why a shark can sense if an organism is living or dead from

feet away. The closer to the center of an object you become, the

higher the density of mater, and of aether. The higher the pressure

of matter, and aether. Reverse buoyancy occurs, causing objects

with mass to fall.

Furthermore, an object with less mass is held in orbit by an

object with more mass because the larger object has a greater

effect on the aether. Velocity also does effect orbit though, this

is why the moon is not floating over the same area of the Earth all

the time. It is relative.

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