What is the magnitude of average velocity?


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what is magnitude of average velocity

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velocity is a vector and speed is scalar. Velocity has magnitude and directions, with magnitude being speed. The magnitude of average velocity and average speed is the same.

The magnitude of average velocity of an object equal to its average speed if that object is moving with CONSTANT velocity.

It is not. Average acceleration is (change of velocity)/(time for the change)

No, acceleration is rate of change of velocity!

No. Average velocity is still a velocity.Distance is a product of (a velocity or speed) times (a length of time).

The magnitude of both can be the same.

The magnitude is the speed, such as m/s or km/h.

Magnitude of velocity is called 'speed'.

No. Velocity implies both a magnitude and a direction.No. Velocity implies both a magnitude and a direction.No. Velocity implies both a magnitude and a direction.No. Velocity implies both a magnitude and a direction.

No, velocity is a vector quantity (i.e. magnitude & direction) while speed is a scalar quantity (i.e. magnitude only).

No. Acceleration is (change of velocity) divided by (time interval in which it changed). If velocity doesn't change, then there is no acceleration.

That is the case when you are talking about instantaneous speed and velocity - or when the velocity is constant. In the case of an average speed and velocity, this relation does not hold.

The velocity of an object has two attributes, 1. its magnitude and 2. its direction. The difference betwen the velocity and the magnitude of the velocity is the direction!

If the object begins from rest and a constant force is applied to it, then at the end of one second, the magnitude of its velocity is numerically equal to the magnitude of its average acceleration, although the units are different.

With that information, you can find the average magnitudeof the accelerationduring that period of time. You can't tell what either the magnitude or directionwere at any time during, only the average magnitude for the whole interval.

Speed and velocity always have the same magnitude, becausespeed is the magnitude of velocity.The difference is that velocity has a direction but speed doesn't

The magnitude(the value). Speed is only magnitude Velocity is magnitude & direction

Yes, velocity has magnitude and direction. Speed, on the other hand, only has magnitude.

Velocity has magnitude and direction and speed only has magnitude.

No. The average speed is the average of the magnitude of the velocity but not the magnitude of the average of the velocity.This is because for vectors |A + B| ≤ |A| + |B|.Suppose you travel 100 metres due East at 10 metres per second and then 100 metres due North also at 10 metres per second. Your speed, throughout, is 10 metres per second and so that is your average speed.But your average velocity is the total displacement vector divided by the total time. This is100*sqrt(2) metres due NE/20 sec = 7.07 metres per second due North East.Its magnitude is 7.07 metres/sec.

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