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The main german language is german

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The main German language is Standard German, which is based on High German dialects and serves as the official language of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is the most widely used form of German for communication, education, and media.

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Q: What is the main German language?
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In which countries is the main language German?

The main language in Germany is German. Additionally, German is also the main language in Austria and Switzerland.

What is the language spoken in Zurich?

The main language spoken in Zurich is Swiss German, which is a dialect of the German language. Additionally, many residents in Zurich also speak standard German due to its official status in Switzerland.

Is German language spoken in Vienna?

Yeah. That's what language they speak there. Germany and Austria's main language is German.

Is german a popular language?

Yes. In Switzerland, German is one of the official languages. In Zurich, German in the main language spoken.

Does Frankfurt speak German?

Yes, German is Frankfurt's main language.

How do you say mistletoe in Austrian?

There is no such language as Austrian. German is the main language spoken in Austria. Mistel is the German for Mistletoe.

What it the main language spoken in Luxembourge?

The main language spoken in Luxembourg is Luxembourgish. French and German are also widely spoken and used in official settings.

What countries have German as there first language?

It is a main language (or co-main language) in the following countries: Germany Austria Switzerland Liechtenstein Luxembourg Belgium

How many people in Europe speak German as their first language?

Approximately 95 million people in Europe speak German as their first language.

Was German the main language of Austria in the 1800s?

Yes. High German was the official language of the Austrian Empire as early as the 1300s and remained the official language of Austria continuously since then.

Is Belgiums main language?

I actually think there is more than one language because their main languages are French, German, and Dutch

Do Germany and England speak the same language?

Primarily Yes. High German (which is the German spoken in Germany) is the official language of Austria. Nearly all Austrians can speak High German, but a minority in the more rural, mountainous areas speak local dialects of German that are quite different from High German. Some Germans find these dialects of German difficult or impossible to understand.