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Q: What is the main conflicts in the scholarship jacket?
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What is the rising action of the scholarship jacket?

The rising action of "The Scholarship Jacket" includes the main character, Martha, being at the top of her class and anticipating receiving the scholarship jacket, only to face disappointment when the decision is influenced by unfair circumstances. The conflict escalates as Martha learns more about the selection process and confronts the injustice.

What is the protagonist and antagonist for the scholarship jacket?

The protagonist in "The Scholarship Jacket" is Martha, a hardworking and deserving student who has won the scholarship every year. The antagonist is the school board, specifically the superintendent, who changes the rules to prevent Martha from receiving the scholarship.

Is there simile in the scholarship jacket?

Yes, there is a simile in "The Scholarship Jacket." The simile is when Marta compares the jacket to a raggedy old coat her Uncle Jacinto used to wear.

What is the conflict in the scholarship jacket?

The conflict in "The Scholarship Jacket" is primarily external, between the protagonist, Martha, and the school board that denies her the scholarship jacket she rightfully earned due to her socioeconomic status. The injustice and discrimination she faces due to her inability to afford the jacket create tension and drive the plot forward.

The scholarship jacket The story of the scholarship jacket is told from the first person point of view?

Actually, "The Scholarship Jacket" is written in the third person point of view, not the first person. The narrator is an unidentified individual who observes and reports on the events surrounding the protagonist's experience with the scholarship jacket.

Who is the narrator is The Scholarship Jacket?


Who is the narrator in the scholarship jacket?


What does Martha learned from her grandpa it the scholarship jacket?

that he poor

What is the moral of the scholarship jacket?

ORIGINAL: the moral of the scholarship jacket is simple you should not have to pay for anything you have worked for or deserve.IMPROVED: The moral of the 'Scholarship Jacket' by Martha Salinas, is that even if there are obstacles work will pay off. Do not let others get what they don't deserve no matter what, even if they are the daughter of a Board member at school

What does the jacket symbolize in the story A Scholarship Jacket?

In the story "A Scholarship Jacket," the jacket symbolizes academic achievement and hard work. It represents the recognition and reward that the students receive for their dedication and commitment to their studies. It also serves as a source of pride and a symbol of success for the students who earn it.

What is the type of conflict in the scholarship jacket?

The type of conflict in "The Scholarship Jacket" is primarily character vs. society. Martha faces the conflict of having her academic achievements disregarded due to her economic status, which goes against the school's policy for awarding the scholarship jacket. This societal injustice creates tension and drives the plot of the story.

Why was the principal unhappy in the scholarship jacket?

The principal was unhappy in "The Scholarship Jacket" because the girl who had earned the scholarship jacket did not come from a wealthy family. The principal believed that only students from financially struggling families should receive scholarships, and he did not want to award the jacket to the deserving student because of her family's financial status.