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To collect taxes and to only allow imbeciles to rule. No smart people allow.

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Q: What is the main goal of government according to Madison?
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Main goal of the constitution was this?

To have rules set for the government

To Form a More Perfect Union Was a goal of the Constitution?

It could be. The main goal of the American Constitution was to form a government.

What was the US' main goal in Vietnam?

To expel the communists from the country and establish a capitalist government for the countries government.

What was augustus's main goal?

Augustus' main goal was to establish a stable government without plunging Rome into yet another civil war. By retaining the most powerful positions for himself, he attained this goal.

What is the Main goal of ethics for government acquisition professionals?

Make sure that everything is being done fairly. They will want to ensure that the transition is smooth and that no one is left behind.

What is the socialized governments goal?

A socialist government's main goal is equality. It wants to minimize the difference between the poorest citizens and the wealthiest citizens.

What was peter ponds main goal?

his main goal was to go to mars

What was david thompsons main goal?

his main goal was to help others

What was the north's main goal in the war?

The main goal was the restoration of he Union.

What is the main idea of jeffersons letter to Madison?

Thomas Jefferson's main idea in his letter to James Madison was to express his view on the necessity of having a Bill of Rights added to the United States Constitution to protect individual liberties and limit the power of the government. Jefferson stressed the importance of such a safeguard against potential government abuse.

What is the main goal of a six goal implementation?

The main goal of a Six Sigma implementation is continuous improvement.

Who wrote Federalist 47 and what was the main topic?

James Madison is the esteemed author of Federalist 10 and the main topic he discussed was factions (that is, special interest groups). He discussed how to control factions and also their threat to the nation.