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its about tornadoes and how they work/do.

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The main characters are Pete and his dog, Tornado.

The main idea of a book is the theme.

The main idea of a book is what the book is all about-hope this helps!!

The "main idea" of a book is really what the book is/was about. You can't really "find" a main idea, it's just what the book is/was about.

what is the main idea in the book ''Who is anne frank

well,basically the main idea of the book. it is like '' what is the main topic for this book''. main topic is the main idea

There is only one main idea in a book - that's the meaning of the term "main idea."

I think the main idea of the book Shiloh is freindship :D

the main idea of the book is about the two kids becoming friends and together facing their fears

The main idea is to reach out to a friend in need.

The Main idea of this book ias what you see iswhat it is

The Main Idea Of The Book Old Yeller Is That They Try To Kill Old Yeller

what is the main idea of the book eager?

The main idea is that Cass and Max-Ernest want to find out what happened with the magician

the main idea of the book loser is always think good of yourself even if someone else doesn't

The main idea of the Book Ella Enchanted is that Ella is cursed with the gift of obedience. She lives in a fairy tale world.

Please mention which series' book no. 2 you want to get the main idea of. Ask another question stating the same.

That's incorrect that's the Theme not the main idea!

well the main idea is the rilvary between the two groups. The Socs and the Greasers.

The topic of a book is the theme, kind of like the main idea.

The main feature of a tornado is violent, rotating wind.

THe main idea is Greg is trying to get revenge back on Rodrick

The ISBN of Tornado Alley - book - is 0916156842.

to teach you to look in your text book

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