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well bone marrow reproduces blood cells - so yes bloody important

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What bone marrow is used in a bone marrow transplant?

the purpose of the bone marrow is to make up the bone

What is the purpose of a bone marrow?

Bone marrow produces blood cells.

Bone marrows purpose?

Bone marrows purpose is to protect the inside of your bone. Bone marrow is filled with blood cells and your bone marrow can get infected.

What is the main function of bone marrow?

If you talking about red bone marrow then its function is to from blood cells. Yellow marrow is just fat that is stored in the bone.

What are the main components of bone?

compact bone , spongy bone,marrow

What is the purpose of a marrow?

bone marrow produces hemoglobin when told to do so by the kidneys.

What is the significance of bone marrow?

The bone marrow has two main jobs and there are two types of bones marrow there is yellow and there is red. The red bone marrow produces millions of blood cells per second. The yellow bone marrow stores fat.

What Purpose does Bone Marrow Serve?

Bone marrow serves to make Red blood cells for the body which is called as erythropoises

What is a function of a the bone marrow?

red bone marrow is the main marrow that gives rise to all the red blood cells yellow marrow largely consists of fat cells

What kind of bone marrow transplantuses bone marrow from a doner?

All bone marrow transplants require bone marrow from a donor; the purpose of the transplant is to replace the patient's bone marrow (that no longer works) with some that does work, which clearly cannot come from the patient (since they have none that works). Hence a donor must be used.

Why is a bone marrow transplant done?

Bone marrow produces stem cells. These stem cells eventually develop into blood cells. Bone marrow is a critical part of the body because it is the body's main blood cell "factory." If something is wrong with the marrow, a person can become very ill, even die.In diseases such as leukemia and aplastic anemia, the bone marrow is unhealthy. The purpose of a bone marrow transplant is to put healthy stem cells in place of the unhealthy ones. This can treat or even cure the disease.

What is the purpose of the bone marrow?

to strengthen your bones and keep them growing.

What is bone marrow purpose?

To produce white blood cells

What are the five main parts of a bone?

marrow, calcified bone, periosteum, spongy bone, and cartilage bone.

What do red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow have in common?

they are both bone marrow

What s a bone marrow?

You mean bone marrow, don't you..... Bone marrow is the spongy part of bone inside of a bone.

What is the main function of Diaphysis?

The diaphysis houses bone marrow.

Can you donate bone marrow?

Yes, you can donate bone marrow if agreed. A large needle is injected into the lower half of the spine(around the tailbone) and bone marrow is taken and used for the needed purpose. If you have ever watched 'My Sisters Keeper' you will find that the girl that has took cancer has bone marrow donated to her from her little sister.

What is a bone marrow biopsy?

it is a bone that has a marrow in the middle of the musle that causes the bone to have a marrow biopsy

What is the form of cancer that affects the bone marrow?

The main cancer that affects the bone marrow is Leukemia. There are many other unwell known types such as: myeloma.

How does the marrow in the medullary cavity compare to the marrow in the spongy bone?

The bone marrow in the medullary cavity contains only yellow bone marrow, for fat storage. The spongy bone contains both red bone marrow (blood production) and yellow bone marrow.

How effective are bone marrow transplants in cancer treatment?

Bone marrow transplants in cancer treatment are very effective. A bone marrow transplant is a procedure to replace damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow.

Outer membrane of bone?

The purpose of the outer membrane of the bone is to cover and protect the interior bone (compact bone, spongy bone, and bone marrow.) Hope that helps!

What is the relationship between bone and marrow?

Marrow is inside of a bone that's why it's called bone Marrow

Are bones made up of bone marrow?

They are not made up of bone marrow, they just have bone marrow in them.

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