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Q: What is the main term in pitting edema?
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What is nonpitting edema?

Non-pitting edema is a type of swelling. Pitting edema occurs when the swollen area is pressed and remains indented. The indentation does not occur with non-pitting edema.

How do you assess pitting edema?

Pitting edema is edema severe enough to leave a dent when pressed with a finger. Pitting edema is assessed by pushing gently with a finger and evaluating the response. Mild is a one plus, moderate is a two plus, deep is a three plus, and very deep is a four plus.

Can pneumonia cause pitting edema in legs?


Signs and symptoms of acute pulmonary edema?

Dispnea and cyanosis. Pitting edema, elevated IAP

What is pitting oedema?

Pitting edema is a swollen area that will give when pressed and retain a depression for a minute , or so.

What is the main term for Globe adhesions?


Could a heart problem be causing water weight including pitting edema?

Yes, the heart could be causing water weight that includes pitting edema. A doctor will need to be consulted to determine the causes.

What is gross edema?

In medicine and nursing the term "gross" is intended to mean "big as seen by the naked eye". Edema has two types: regular "edema" and "pitting edema". "Pitting" edema is when I press my finger onto the edema and when I remove my finger, the skin stays pressed in, it it "pitting". Typically, edema should be measured, with a measuring tape, rather than using a subjective word like "gross" (i.e. big). What looks "big and obvious" to me may look different to you. So, especially in pitting edema, we use +1, +2, +3 -- OR-- we use a measurement and measure both sides, say both ankles, for comparison. If one ankle measures 15inches and the other measures 17.2 inches, that shows one angle is much more swollen than the other. One tip: Doctors are more apt to use words like "gross edema" or "grossly obese". Nurses measure more than doctors.

What Oedema is?

Pitting edema is a swollen area that will give when pressed and retain a depression for a minute , or so.

What would be the cause of suddenly gaining a large amount of water weight with pitting edema?

There could be multiple reasons why a person gains a large amount of water weight and has pitting edema. It could be a heart of even a kidney problem. You will need to consult with your doctor for further details.

What is the term for generalized edema?


What is the medical term for edema?

Edema is also known by Anasarca, a much generalized form of enema.

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