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What is the main use of nuclear energy?

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The main use of nuclear energy is to produce electricity. Nuclear energy is also used in the field of medicine and military purposes.

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What 2 types of energy does nuclear bombs use?

Chemical energy- to begin the explosion- and nuclear energy- the main explosion.

What is the main reason why people are hesitant to use nuclear energy?

The main reason why people are hesitant to use nuclear energy is because they are worried about safety. Since the 1986 Chernobyl incident there have been another 22 major nuclear power accidents.

What is the main source of solar energy?

Nuclear fission is main source of solar energy,

What is the economic impact on nuclear energy?

nuclear produce nuclear energy the materials are expencive so nuclear energy is good but expensive to make and use it as energy

Where does nuclear energy come from to make renewable energy work?

Nuclear energy and renewable energy are not related. Renewable energy does not use nuclear energy.

What is the main source of nuclear energy?

The loss of binding energy.

Do batteries use nuclear energy?

Batteries use chemical energy to create voltage to drive current flow. They do not use nuclear energy.

Types of things that use nuclear energy?

Anything that uses electricity may use nuclear energy

How do use the words nuclear energy in a sentence?

there was nuclear energy in the science experiment

What material does not use nuclear energy?

All material uses nuclear energy.

The use of nuclear reactors to generate electricity is?

The use of nuclear energy

What do you use nuclear?

we use nuclear because it helps save energy

What nuclear reaction is currently used to produce nuclear energy in nuclear reactors?

We use nuclear fission in nuclear reactors to tap nuclear energy.

Where do you use nuclear energy?

In nuclear fission reactors

Is the use of nuclear energy to conserve energy feasible?

If you use nuclear energy in place of fossil fuels, you are conserving the fossil fuel, that is reducing the amount you use.

How many people use nuclear energy?

about 6% of the world uses nuclear energy

How does nuclear energy use differ from geothermal and solar energy use?

C. Geothermal and solar energy are both renewable, while nuclear energy is noy...

How do you use nuclear energy in a sentence?

This is an example of using nuclear energy in a sentence. The power plant down the street produces nuclear energy.

What are the main sources of energy?

solar energy nuclear energy wind energy hydro energy geothermal energy

What are the main sources of energy in Pakistan?

Hydro electric ,thermal and nuclear energy

Uranium was use in the development of the?

Nuclear energy Nuclear weapons

What are the 5 main types of energy?

The five main types of energy are : Michale, thermal im a boss energy, nuclear energy, chemical energy and electromagnetic energy.

Why should you use nuclear energy to heat your homes?

You don't need nuclear energy. There are many alternatives to get energy; nuclear energy is just one of many options.

What is the main resource of nuclear energy?

Uranium-238 is used in nuclear reactors.It produces energy by the nucleus being split by a proton hence nuclearreactor.

What are the main types of nuclear energy?

The two types of nuclear energy are nuclear fission nuclear fusion. In nuclear fission, the nuclei of the atoms are split. In nuclear fusion, as the name suggests, the nuclei of the atoms are joined together.

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