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Q: What is the major difference between renter-occupied housing and cooperative housing?
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What does a cooperative housing loan offer?

A cooperative housing loan allows one to purchase a cooperative housing plan and pay for for it later. A cooperative housing loan means one is purchasing the project together with another person.

When was Avenel Cooperative Housing Project created?

Avenel Cooperative Housing Project was created in 1947.

What has the author Jerome Liblit written?

Jerome Liblit has written: 'Housing, the cooperative way' -- subject(s): Cooperative Apartment houses, Cooperative Housing

What has the author Marie Dwyer written?

Marie Dwyer has written: 'Cooperative housing' -- subject(s): Case studies, Cooperative Housing, Housing policy

What has the author Murray Thompson written?

Murray Thompson has written: 'Statistical handbook from national survey of clients and managers in non-profit and cooperative housing in Canada (1977)' -- subject(s): Cooperative Housing, Housing, Housing, Cooperative, Welfare recipients

What has the author Paul Petersen written?

Paul Petersen has written: 'Wohngemeinschaft oder Grossfamilie' -- subject(s): Community life, Cooperative Housing, Housing, Housing, Cooperative

What has the author Claire Helman written?

Claire Helman has written: 'The Milton-Park affair' -- subject(s): Citizen participation, Cooperative Housing, Housing rehabilitation, Housing, Cooperative, Urban renewal

What are the different kinds of cooperatives?

Housing cooperative Building cooperative Retailers' cooperative Utility cooperative Worker cooperative Business and employment co-operative Social cooperative Consumers' cooperative Agricultural cooperative Cooperative banking (credit unions and cooperative savings banks) Federal or secondary cooperatives

What is the difference between American and Vietnam housing?


What is the main difference between a tepee and a lodge?

The main difference is that the teepee is temporary housing and meant to be moved. A lodge is permanent housing.

What has the author Veronica M Doyle written?

Veronica M. Doyle has written: 'Homesharing matchup agencies for seniors' -- subject(s): Cooperative Housing, Dwellings, Housing policy, Housing, Cooperative, Old age homes, Older people, Shared housing

What has the author Stephan K Rippert written?

Stephan K. Rippert has written: 'Die Rechtsstellung des Mitgliedes in der Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft' -- subject(s): Cooperative Housing, Housing, Cooperative, Law and legislation