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Kentucky State mascot is the Thorough-breed

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They are called the Wildcats because their Mascot is Willy the Wildcat

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Q: What is the mascot of Kentucky State University university?
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What is Mascot name shared by Villanova University of Arizona Kansas State and Northwestern?

The mascot of those four schools is the wildcat. Also the University of Kentucky has the wildcat as its mascot.

What is the mascot of Elizabeth City State University university?

Elizabeth City State University's Mascot is the Vikings !

What is Dakota State University's mascot?

The athletic mascot for South Dakota State University is the Jackrabbit.

What is the mascot of the university of Ohio?

The mascot for Ohio University is a bobcat, he is known by his name which is Rufus.

What is the mascot of California State University, Monterey Bay university?

The mascot is a beaver!

Where is Murray State University located?

Murray State University is located in the state of Kentucky.

What is Kentucky wildcats mascots name?

The costumed mascot's name is Scratch but the University also has a live bobcat named Blue who resides at the Salato Wildlife Education Center. Blue does not attend games since he, like all bobcats, is very shy by nature and would not do well with the large crowds and noise of collegiate sporting events.

When was Kentucky State University created?

Kentucky State University was created in 1886.

What is the mascot of university frostburg?

The Frostburg State University's mascot is the bobcat. =] Currently, he or she doesn't have a name.

Sparty is the name of the mascot for which university?

Michigan State University

What is the mascot of Arizona State University university?

the sun devil

What is the mascot of Grand Valley State University university?