What is the mass of 30 newtons?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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That's a little like asking "How heavy is 10 minutes ?"

'Newton' is a unit of force, which has no mass, length, or time.

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Q: What is the mass of 30 newtons?
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What is the weight on earth of a girl with a mass of 30 kg the acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9.8ms?

30 kilogram mass ==> 294 newtons (66.1 pounds) on earth 30 kilogram mass ==> 48 newtons (10.8 pounds) on the moon

What is the mass of a chicken on the moon in kilogram?

3 kg 30 newtons

Who has a greater mass a 30N man on earth or 30N man on moon?

Neither. Mass is mass. Newtons is a force not a mass, 30 N is the same on Mars or anywhere else. It is 30 N

If the mass of an object is 30 kg what will be its weight on moon?

48 newtons (10.8 pounds) (rounded)

What is the weight of a 3kg chicken on the moon?

3 kg of mass weighs about 4.8 newtons (1.074 pounds) when it's on the moon.While it's still on the earth, it weighs 29.4 newtons (6.61 pounds).Note that it's always 3 kg of mass, no matter where it goes.

Frorce of gravity expressed in newtons?

9.81*mass = Newtons of forcethe mass is in kilograms

What are 30 newtons equal to?

A mass of 30 kg weighs about 294 newtons (66.2 pounds) near the earth's surface.Any force of 294 newtons (66.2 pounds) or more, pointing straight up, can lift a 30 kg load.

What is the mass if a rock that weighs 49 newtons?

The rock's mass on earth will be 5kg (mass = force in newtons / 9.807)

What is the mass of a rock that weighs 250 newtons?

250 Newtons converted into mass is 25.5 kilograms

What is Newtons equal to?

Force (newtons) = mass x acceleration

What is the mass of 504 newtons?

On earth, 504 newtons equates to about 51.4kg or 113 pounds. Dividing newtons by 9.8 gives you the mass (on earth) in kilograms.

What is an astronaut's mass if she weighs 104 newtons?

43.10 newtons because weight affect newtons