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1 gram

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Q: What is the mass of a glass microscope slide?
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What is the slide on a microscope placed on?

A coverslip is a thin glass placed on the microscope slide.

Is a glass microscope slide an electrical insulator or a conductor?

Yes, a glass microscope slide is an electrical insulator. Glass is generally considered an electrical insulator.

What is glass slide in microscope?

A microscope slide is a thin flat piece of glass, used to hold objects for examination . Typically the object is placed or secured between the slide and a cover slip

What is the Small glass that is used to cover a water drop on the slide of a microscope?

the stage is the small glass piece on the microscope.

What is the use of microscope slide?

A microscope slide is used to hold objects underneath a microscope for examination. It is a thin, flat piece of glass that is usually held to a microscope with clips.

What is the glass called you put a specimen on under a microscope?

A glass slide: coverslip

Where on the microscope do you place the object you want to view?

On the microscope stage (after it has been mounted on a glass microscope slide).

What does the stage clips of a microscope do.?

it is use to hold your glass slide/specimen slide in place.

Use of glass slide?

it is use to place an item on and put it under a microscope to view

Is a glass microscope slide is a conductor?

It is a insulator because glass is not a metal so it is NOT A CONDUCTOR.

In a microscope what is the Slide with an attached cover glass called?

bomba denala

What is a prepared slide on a micro scope?

A prepared slide for a compound light microscope is composed of a viewing sample suspended in a drop of distilled water, which has been placed on one glass slide. A second glass slide will be placed on the first slide and any residual water will be gently soaked up by a paper towel.