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Q: What is the master grade to pursue PhD?
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Can you have a PhD degree and a Master?

yes the doctor and the master

Is it appropriate to apply to Ph.D programs in other universities next year even though my Master supervisor is funding my Master's research and tuition now?

The question asked is complicated. Ask yourself one question, "do I really need the PhD?" Then ask yourself another question, "Do I really have the funds to do the PhD?" Then ask yourself another question, "Does the PhD I am want to pursue really give me the reason I should do it?" If you find yourself answering everything question as yes, probably you need to pursue your PhD.the Answer is entirely yours.

What is the IQ requirement for a Ph.D?

There are no IQ requirements to pursue a PhD.

What is the difference between a DLit and Ph.D?

phd is a degree in research which a candidate can pursue after postgratution whereas dlit can be done after phd. it is a post phd degree.

PhD in Spain Can anyone tell you what is the qualification required to pursue PhD in Spain - University of Alcala?

I really do not know.

What you do as a psychologist after master degree?


Can somebody graduate in history become a Ph.D?

Yes, there are many colleges and universities that offer a PhD in history. In addition, there a many other programs of study you can pursue at the PhD level. You just have to inquire about any prerequisite coursework required for a specific program. Thus, you are not limited to just history. Many individuals pursue a master's or doctorate degree in a field unrelated to their undergraduate degree.

What will be next studies after Master in English?


Who can do PhD?

Anyone with a Master's degree can apply for a Ph.D.

Does Cambridge university offer a master's degree and PHD in Biotechnology?


What comes after a master's degree?

It could be an EdD, or PhD.

What courses are needed to obtain a doctorate degree and Ph.D?

That is not a degree. That is a person who has two different degrees. The MS stands for Master of Science. That is one degree. The PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. That is a different degree. Since the PhD is a more advanced degree and is obtained after a person gets the masters degree, a person does not list his degrees that way. When you see them listed that way, the MS is frequently in a different subject or area of study than the PhD and was not a part of the PhD program.