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Catholic AnswerThe matter of the sacrament of confirmation consists of the imposition of hands and the anointing with Sacred Chrism.

The form of the sacrament of confirmation consists of the words: "Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The ordinary minister of confirmation is the bishop, although in certain special circumstances, a priest may administer confirmation with the Sacred Chrism previously consecrated by the Bishop, and the Bishop's permission.

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Q: What is the matter minister and form in confirmation?
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Form and matter of confirmation?


What the minister does does matter--correct sentence or not?

What the minister does, does matter. would be correct.

Is a priest usually the minister of confirmation?

No. Usually it is a bishop, but a priest can do it too.

Who is the minister of the sacrament of Confirmation and why?

The usual minister for Confirmation is the bishop. However, any priest can confirm with permission of the bishop. This is frequently the case for adult converts (RCIA) or people who have never been confirmed and are in danger of dying.

Who is ordinary minister of confirmation'?

Only the Bishop can do the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Who administers confirmation?

The ordinary minister of Confirmation is a bishop, usually of the same diocese as the confirmand. In cases of emergency, special faculties can be extended to a priest, who is then the extraordinary minister of Confirmation.

What does the minister do in confirmation?

The Bishop says "(confirmation name) be sealed with the gifts of the Holy Sprit" AMEN. While making sign of cross with chrism on your forehead.

What full form of cm?

Depending on the subject matter cm is usually the abbreviation of centimetre(s)Chief ministerCentimeter or Chief Minister

The sign or matter of this sacrament is oil?

Confirmation. Holy Oil or Chrism.

What has the author Thomas W Smiddy written?

Thomas W. Smiddy has written: 'A manual for the extraordinary minister of confirmation'

Why is the bishop the usual minister of confirmation?

Because the young person is making the adult decision to remain a faithful member of the Church.

Why is flame a Symbol of confirmation?

On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit Appeared in the Form of Tongues of Fire. Since the Confirmation candidate receives the Holy Spirit on his/her Confirmation, the Flame is the symbol that is used.