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The maximum amount of tweets per day per account is 1000, including retweets.

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2013-11-01 12:52:02
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Q: What is the maximum amounts of tweets one will tweet?
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How do you clean up old Tweets?

You can only delete your own tweets, not others. If you want to delete your tweets, you need to delete them one by one by clicking on "Delete" under the tweet.

Who can see your tweets?

any one who follows you and you follow they can see everything you tweet if there followers

How do you delete tweets?

If you were the one that tweeted the tweet, as soon as your mouse hovers around the particular tweet you want deleted you should see (at the bottom righthand corner) a little trashcan picture with the word "Delete" next to it. This way you can delete your tweets. If you want to delete all your tweets, you could try something like Tweet Eraser or

Who sees deleted tweets?

No one. Once you delete a tweet, it cannot be accessed in any way.

Can you select one Tweet as private and not all at the same time?

No. The only thing you can do is make your account private, which will make all your future tweets private (but past tweets may appear in stuff like search results). Unprivating your account makes all future and past tweets publicly visible.

Can you delete some of your 'Tweets' on Twitter but save others?

Yes. When you're twittering from the Twitter website, once you click Update, your Tweet shows up below. There's a little trash can icon; if you click that, it will delete that one tweet forever. In addition, most 3rd party Twitter platforms, like TweetDeck and Seismic, give you the option to delete tweets from their own interface as well. For instance, on TweetDeck, you can hover over your avatar on the tweet you want to delete, and click the 'gear' icon and delete the tweet from that list.

How do you know when a celebrity replys on Twitter?

If a celebrity, or any user, replies to one of your tweets, or mentions you in a tweet, it will be shown on your homepage. You can also access all tweets that you have been mentioned in by clicking on the @username (your username) tab on the right hand sidebar of your home page.

How do you mention people on Twitter?

When you mention someone on Twitter, you either click 'reply' on one of their tweets or you open their profile and write your tweet in the box provided. You can also simply mention in your tweet with "@username". Take care there's no space between their username and the @ sign though.

What does favorite mean on Twitter?

You can mark a tweet as a "favorite" so that they appear in a special "favorite's" list. This is so you can see the best, funniest, most inspiring tweets etc that you liked in the one place.

How do you keep your tweets private so that others should not see it in any part of the world except for the person whom you are tweeting to?

You can protect your tweets but all of your followers will still be able to see the tweet and not just one specific person. To keep a message completely private then you should use the direct messaging option.

Does Zendaya Coleman answer all her messages?

If you are asking, "Does she answer all her messages on twitter?", than the answer in no. Though she read every single one, she does not have time to answer them all. Know that she read your tweet though! She ♥ getting loving tweets from her fans.

What is mention in Twitter?

According to the official Twitter Help Center a mention is "any Twitter update that contains "@username" anywhere in the body of the Tweet".Users will often see hundreds or thousands of tweets a day in their Twitter feed. Mentioning a user in your tweet means they will be able to see it in their "@ Connect" section on the top of the Twitter page.You would usually mention a user if you are directing the Twitter update (tweet) to that specific user OR you want them in particular to see this tweet.If you include more than one @username in your tweet, all of those users will see the Tweet in their "@ Connect" section.

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