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Q: What is the maximum distance between fie sprinkler heads?
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What is the maximum distance between fire sprinkler heads?

That would depend upon what type of sprinkler it is, how far apart they are, what type of occupancy, what is the purpose of the wall and the material of the wall, among other things. For example, some walls do not need any sprinklers at all.

Hunter Sprinkler Heads?

form_title= Hunter Sprinkler Heads form_header= Keep your lawn and plants watered with Hunter sprinkler heads. How many sprinkler heads do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} How often do you use your sprinkler?*= _ [50] Do you have a specific budget?*= () Yes () No

What is the minimum distance sprinklers should be placed from the home?

National fire code requires at least 18 inches of separation from sprinkler heads to things stored beneath them.

Fire sprinkler heads gallons per minute?


Is it easy to relocate sprinklers to different areas of my lawn?

If you utilize an in-ground sprinkler system, relocating sprinklers will require you to tear up most of your lawn as you will need to reroute pipes and sprinkler heads. For above ground sprinkler systems, relocating sprinkler heads is fairly easy and is completely dependent on the length of your hose.

What is the difference between deluge and other fire sprinkler systems?

In a deluge system the water comes out of all sprinkler heads at once, compared with most fire sprinkler systems in which each sprinkler head has its own heat-sensitive trigger. There are major design differences in how much water you need for a deluge system and what safety interlocks are built into the system to prevent accidental water damage.

Sprinkler coverage area for extra hazard heads?

Extra hazard occupancies require densities of either 0.30 gpm/sq ft or 0.40 gpm/sq ft, for which the maximum head layout is 100 sq ft per NFPA 13. There are some sprinkler heads in the market that allow coverages up to 196 sq ft with a special listing. Tyco EC-25 and EC-17, and Reliable MBEC-14 are some of the heads that can be used with certain restrictions.

What is the Distance between coolangatta and burleigh heads?

~15km via pacific motorway

What type of sprinkler head is typically found in open warehouses with high ceilings?

Upright heads

Are there any sprinkler heads available that are designed to help with water conservation?

Yes, there are sprinkler heads available that will help with water conservation. MP Rotator, made by Hunter, is just one of the brands. You can read more about them by visiting

How do fire sprinkler systems put out fires?

Fire sprinklers have two major components that operate in response to a fire: the fire sprinkler heads which are connected via a series of pipes to a fire pumps. Water pressure is kept in the head by a series of valves in the pump. and is kept in the heads by little vials of colored liquid. During a fire, the liquid inside the sprinkler heads heats up and starts to expand, eventually causing the vial to burst. Water that was kept in the pipes pours out of the sprinkler heads. The water pouring out of the sprinkler heads causes the pressure in the fire pump to drop. In response, the pump kicks on and pumps more water from the municipal water supply to keep the sprinkler flowing. NOTE: this is how "wet pipe" fire sprinklers, the most common types of fire sprinklers, work. Other sprinklers (dry pipe, deluge and pre-action) are slightly different.

Automatic fire sprinkler system?

An automatic sprinkler system is a system in which sprinkler heads are fixed in piping system were pipe is fully filled with water or air under pressure and, at a certain calibrated temperature, sensing elements in sprinkler head breaks and allows water flow. Other types of systems rely upon electrical sensors (smoke and heat sensors, or manual switches) to initiate the flow or to pressurize the pipe so that sprinkler heads activated by the heat will flow water. Somewhat more rare systems, for extremely high hazards such as rubber tire storage in a warehouse, may have sprinkler heads that are always "open", allowing the entire room to be flooded when the pipe is pressurized.