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Answer Maximum 4g daily.

Aspirin tablets dispersible 300mg: ADULT, 300-900mg, every 4-6 hours. CHILD "Do not give to children under 12 years, and avoid up to and including 15 years of age if feverish".

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What is the maximum dosage of aspirin?

Maximum dosage of Aspirin or Acetemenophen is 4000 mgs per day. Any more than that and you are dancing with the chance of damaging your liver or cause internal bleeding.

What is the maximum dose of aspirin?

The maximum dose of aspirin should never exceed 4000 mg per day.

Paracetamol dosage in children?

what is the dosage of paracetamol for a 9 year old child? what is the maximum dosage per day? What happen if the temperature goes beyond 39degC? kindly answer promptly.

Is 2000mg of l-arginine safe?

A maximum safe dosage of L-arginine is not known. Studies have looked at dosages at a maximum of 30g (30'000mg) per day. Recommended dosage varies depending on what is being treated, and goes from 0.5g (500mg) to 20g (20'000mg) per day.

What is the maximum dosage of Wellbutrin?

450 mg per the literature from the company.

What is the maximum dosage of Ritalin?

"I got told its max of 60mgs a day" : --- That is COMPLETELY not true. I was started at 90mg per day; 1 and 1/2 20mg three times a day. Within one week my dose was increased to 1 and 1/2 20mg(30mx4 per day totally 120mg per day) Ritalin every 2-3 hours 4 times per day. My current prescription is for an overall count of 180x20mg tablets per month. 6 per day(1+1/2 20mg pills 4 times per day). There is absolutely not a "Maximum Dosage" of any drug that a doctor can prescribe. There are guidelines from the manufacturer and the FDA which suggest maximum dosages, but doctors can prescribe any amount of a medication, even if its 10 times the maximum "Recommended Dosage" from the FDA and manufacturers/marketers. of the, drug depending on the person. So any ways I am prescribed 120mg of Ritalin per day and we; Therefore completely nullifying the concept of 60mg per day. Your doctor must be lying to you about increasing your dose, either because of risk of dependence or chance to be sued (due to increased side effects at higher dosages (none which are that bad). Bottom line is that there is NO maximum dosage that's concretely designed. Doctors can prescribe ANY amount of Ritalin per day; which in my case is 120mg per day. -BAddicted

What are the racommended dosage in vitamin b2?

The correct dosage is 5 to 10mgs per day.

Baby aspirin for dogs?

Baby aspirin can be given to dogs for relief of pain or inflammation. Caution should be exercised in dosage. Doses of about 30 milligram per pound can be toxic for dogs. For proper dosage instructions individuals should consult a veterinarian.

What is maximum safe dosage of Tylenol per day?

4 grams/day is the maximum amount. That is equivalent to 8 extra strength (500 mg/tablet) Tylenol tablets. Adults should not take more than 1 gram (1000mg) at a time. The FDA released a statement on June the 30th recommending lowering the maximum dose to 3000 gm per day.

Is 200mg per day a high dose of morphine?

is 200 mg of morphine per day a strong dosage

What dosage of acetaminophen and ibuprofen should an adult take?

The maximums are as follows: Ibuprofen: per dose, 800mg; per day, 2400mg, time allowed at max dose:10 days Acetaminophen: per dose 1333mg; per day, 4g; time allowed at maximum, 2 weeks

What is the recommended dosage of hydroxyzine?

usual dosage for adults is 25 mg, three to four times a day. For children over six years of age, the usual dosage 50-100 mg per day, divided into several small doses. The usual dosage for children under six years of age is 50 mg per day

What is The usual dosage of gelfoam?

The usual dosage of gelfoam is anywhere under 50 grams per day. Anything over 50 grams per day can prove to be unsafe and in some cases, lethal.

How much hydocodone will kill you?

Well the actual hydrocodone won't kill you, the aspirin they add to the pill will. Assuming you are talking about pills. Its 500mg of aspirin or acetaminophen per pill and the dosage is 2 pills. So, I wouldn't do 4.

Can your dog have a aspirin?

Yes, in careful doses. If your dog has a bleeding wound, do not give aspirin, as it is a blood thinner. Get to a vet for a more appropriate pain medication. The best method for dosage is 5 mg to 10 mg per pound of the dog's weight every 12 hours. Aspirin can be hard on a dog's stomach so watch for any vomiting or stomach upset and discontinue the aspirin. It is NOT meant for long-term treatment of pain management. Try to use Baby Aspirin as the dosage is much smaller and easier to deal with.

What is the maximum dosage for Bisoprolol Fumarate?

The medically accepted maximum dosage for bisoprolol is 20 mg per day. Typically dosing should begin at 5 mg/day and be titrated (slowly increased) for desired effect. Patients with renal (kidney) failure or insufficiency as well as liver disease often will start at 2.5 mg/day then titrate to desired effect. This medication is an antihypertensive or antianginal medication and care should be used when discontinuing.

What should you do if you have taken up to 40 Advil every day for a week?

See a physician. Ibuprofen is pretty "safe" as pain meds go, but 40 per day is definitely pushing your luck, as it's about 10x the recommended maximum dosage.

How much vitamin b12 per day?

For a healthy person, the dosage may vary from 1 to 5 mcg per day. When it is prescribed to treat neurological problems, the dosage can reach 15000 mcg per day. Vitamin B12 works better with cobamamide, that is a co-enzyme of the vitamin B12.

What dosage of Ibuprofen for testicular pain?

If you have testicular pain you should see a healthcare provider ASAP. The maximum dose of ibuprofen is 800mg three times per day (total of 2400mg/day). Over the counter ibuprofen contains 200mg/tablet.

How many cc is 125iu?

If you are talking about this for the hCG diet here is what I found.Dosage.0.5cc (10 drops) three times per day equivalent to 125iu of hCG0.6cc (12 drops) three times per day (Standard Dosage) equivalent to 150ui of hCG0.7cc (14 drops) three times per day equivalent to 175ui of hCG0.8cc (16 drops) three times per day equivalent to 200ui of hCGIf you are doing six times a day just divide it one more time to the following:Dosage.0.25cc (5drops) six times per day equivalent to 125iu of hCG0.3cc (6drops) six times per day (Standard Dosage) equivalent to 150ui of hCG0.35cc (7drops) six times per day equivalent to 175ui of hCG0.4cc (8 drops) six times per day equivalent to 200ui of hCG

Can dogs take aspirin or Tylenol?

Dogs can take aspirin. My 120 lbs dog take 1 adult aspirin per day on the advice of my vet for joint pain. I don't know about Tylenol.

What is the maximum amounts of tweets one will tweet?

The maximum amount of tweets per day per account is 1000, including retweets.

How much aspirin can you give a large breed dog?

Aspirin is only for people. Giving it to a dog, no matter what size, will make it very sick. Aspirin is an effective medication for dogs when administered in the proper form and dosage. Aspirin is used to treat pain, reduce inflammation, reduce fever, as well as for its antiplatelet properties in many species, including dogs. There are different formulations of aspirin: tablets, capsules, liquid and powder. Aspirin can cause irritation of the stomach and intestines. To minimize the chance of irritation, aspirin should be given with food. You should always consult a veterinarian before giving aspirin to your animal to get the proper dosage and formulation. Your veterinarian will likely follow this conservative rule of thumb: for every 12 hours give 10mg aspirin per kgof your dog's weight (or use 5mg per pound). A 100 pound dog would get 500mg every 12 hours.

What is the maximum number of eggs a hormone induced hen can lay per day?

Hens can only lay a maximum of one egg per day, and typically for 300 days a year.

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