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Based on the category chosen originally -- commercial leasing -- your answer must be contained in the lease you signed. You can consult with your own counsel to verify that the lease late fee is legal in Colorado.

As to condominiums: read your governing documents, including the fine schedule to ascertain the maximum late fee your association can charge.

Regardless of the real estate definition of the property in which you find yourself, be aware, however, that if you are consistently behind in your payments, late fees compile on top of late fees, so that you end up paying what can appear to be very large late fees.

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Q: What is the maximum late fee allowed in Colorado?
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What is the maximum a landlord can charge for late payment fees?

This varies by state. Massachusetts law, for instance, states that a landlord may not charge a late fee until the rent is 30 days late. However, the statute sets no limit on the amount of the late fee.

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It depends on your landlord's requirements. Some offer a "grace period" after the day rent is due. If you pay your rent late, they are usually allowed to charge a late fee.

What is the maximum late fee a CPA can charge a client?

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Can you wave the first late fee for rent?

Waiving the late fee would be the landlord's option.

Can a late fee be charged because another late fee was not paid?

Yes, a late fee can be charged on any outstanding debt. It doesn't matter where the debt came from, late fees and interest charges can continue to accumulate.

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"The late fee policy for Lloyd's Bank is the same as most others, if you owe on your credit card or a loan and your payment is late, you must pay a 25 dollar late fee."

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