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There is no right number. At one time I had 8 credit cards. I cut that down to 3 because I wanted to eliminate 5 opportunities for an identity thief to get a hold of a credit card number I rarely use.

I was prompted to do this when my wallet was stolen with all 8 credit cards in it. I had to dig up the 800 numbers for all 8 of those cards to get them cancelled. That was a real pain.

Right now I have two Visa's and an American Express. And I will most likely get rid of one of the Visa's and just go to 2 credit cards.

If you insist on keeping multiple credit cards; I would put the majority of them in a safe place and not carry them in your wallet. I certainly wouldn't walk around with 15 credit cards in a single wallet.

At this point I use my debit card a lot more than I do any of my pure Credit Cards. In the end Cash is best.

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Q: What is the maximum number of credit card recommended?
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