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Q: What is the maximum weight an average tornado can pick up?
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What is the maximum weight lincoln movers can haul?

"Depending on the truck, the maximum weight that can be hauled by Lincoln Movers is around 7500 pounds. They do have different truck sizes, so pick one that fits your needs."

What is the average weight a pick up truck can hold?

a pick up truck can hold up to 1000 pounds

Can a tornado pick up a bus?

Yes. A strong tornado in the range of EF2 to EF5 can pick up a bus or even a train.

How much weight will the Robotic Arm Edge pick up?

Maximum lifting capacity is 100 grams per manufacturer specifications

What does a tornado do to make dust?

They pick it up from the ground

How can a tornado pick up something?

Air in a tornado moves upward rapidly, sometimes taking objects with it.

Could a tornado pick up the CN tower?

No. Though a very strong tornado might cause it to collapse.

What did the tornado say to the car?

"I'll pick you up later."

Can a tornado pick up an elephant?

Yes, though it would require a rather strong tornado, probably at least an EF3.

Can a tornado pick up a concrete house?

Yes, a very strong tornado can sweep it off its foundation and reduce it to rubble.

How many things can a tornado pick up at one time?

That is extremely difficult to estimate and would depend on the size and strength of the tornado and what there is to pick up. A large, violent tornado moving through a developed area might be carrying many thousands of small objects.

Can A tornado pick up a sky scraper?

No. A skyscraper is far to heavy. However, an EF5 tornado may cause a skyscraper to collapse.