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What is the mean of domestic airline?

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A domestic airline is an airline that operates solely within one country. Such as Southwest Airlines, which only operates in the United States.

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Domestic airline effect on Indian aviation?

Domestic airline effect on Indian aviation?

What is the biggest domestic airline in the world?

the biggest domestic airline would probably be American airlines and the biggest domestic airliner would be the 737-800ER

Differences between domestic and international airline?

A domestic airline only handles flights within the country, whereas international airlines handle flights around the world.

What is the difference between domestic and international airline?

Domestic is in country (national) and international is out of the country (international).

Affect of increased no of domestic airline?

Reduced air fares.

GoAir is a leading domestic flight provider in what country?

GoAir is an airline that provides domestic flights in the country of India. It claims to be the most reliable airline and also the one that costs the least money.

Where is Allegro Airlines?

Allegro Airlines passenger Airline from Mexico and US. This Airline offer Domestic and international Flights to US.

Do children need passports to fly domestic in the US?

No, but check with your airline.

What Australian airline companies provide domestic flights?

Some Australian airline companies that provide domestic flights are Jetstar, Quantas, Rex, Skywest, Tiger airways and Virgin Australia. All of these airlines offer good prices for all domestic flights.

How many baggage tha you have free?

Depends on the airline, and whether domestic or international. Some have 3, 2, 1, or none. Check with your airline.

Is guitar allowed in domestic flight?

The best thing you can do is ask the customer service of the airline your flying with. The differs from airline to ariline and can't be generalized.

What do you mean by sampling designing What points should be taken into consideration while developing the sampling design for studying in the problems of domestic airline passengers?

sample design

Where does Cebu Pacific Airline offer flights?

Cebu Pacific Airline is offering scheduled flights to 33 domestic destinations, and to 20 international destinations in 13 countries. The airline was established in 1988.

Where does Lufthansa fly from?

Lufthansa is the airline based in Germany and also the largest airline in Europe. Services include 18 domestic and 197 international destinations.

What airplane logo has a kangaroo tail on it?

Did you really mean "airplane" - or did you mean airline . -If airline it is Qantas.

What is the official airline of India?

Air India for International & Indian Airlines for Domestic Flights.

What does domestic cantaloupe mean?

what does cantaloupe domestic mean

When was 1time Airline founded?

South Africa's low-cost airline is known as 1time Airline. Founded February 25, 2004 and based in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, operates scheduled domestic and regional flights.

Is the largest airline in the US based on domestic passengers as of June 30th 2010?

Southwest airlines

What is a domestic judgment?

what is domestic judgment mean?

Why is Alice Springs dependent on QANTAS?

Because QANTAS is the only airline that has domestic transfers to and from Alice Springs.

What ID do you need UK domestic flight?

A passport is best. If you have no passport, check with the airline you are travelling with and they will advise you.

What is the carry on luggage size limits?

The answer is - It differs from airline to airline, and also across domestic and international airlines. You can refer to my article on Airline Carry on luggage size limits for more information :

What are the advantage and disadvantage of low cost airline and domestic airline?

Worse service,worse food,bad entertainment,good price. {exeptions =air tran,westjet,sunwing,and midwest}

What does official airline of the Chicago Cubs mean?

It means the airline pays money to the Chicago Cubs to be its "official airline" and basically get advertisement from the Cubs