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This means the broadband line you have will have a speed of 256 Kilobits Per Second at its fastest.

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32kb in par second.

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Q: What is the meaning of 256 kbps speed?
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What is FASTER144 kbps 256 kbps?


What is the typical downooad speed of a satellite broadband connection?

256 kbps

Is 256 kbps internet speed all right for black ops?

i dont think you be able to i get like 1000-1100 kbps and it seems i lag at sometimes so i would say no.

What is the minimum broadband speed required for a WiFi modem to run or transmit a WiFi signal?

Wifi needs a minimum speed of at least 256 kbps. If you're kbps rate is higher than that you should be able to transmit a signal.

Why is the speed on Nokia E63 modem is 48 kbps instead of listed 384 kbps?

38 kbps= 384/8 KBps ie 52 Kbps. Its the download speed. I bought this phone thinking speed is 384 KBPS but it was 384 kbps. Its a low modem speed but nice if you get full speed. I am a docomo user but getting only 15 KBps now. Was getting between 55-85 KBPs speed.

What should be the min file download speed of a 256 kbps net connection?

About 32kBps, so 30 seconds for a one meg file.

How can you get speed greater than 16 kbps on a 128kbps connection?

KBPS is the speed of download

Is an internet speed of 768 Kbps a good speed to watch youtube videos?

768 kbps speeed down speed = 60 or 70 kb/ps 768 kbps speeed uploading speed = 60 kb/ps

What is the speed of 3G?

600 kbps

Which computer speed is faster 1 mbps or 584 kbps and how are these two compared?

584 kbps = 0.584 mbps 1 mbps = 1000 kbps so a 1mbps speed would be faster

What is the speed tata docomo internet?

The speed of tata docomo as i checked was 15-20 KBps on downloading and browsing 4-8 KBPS.

Has a maximum speed of 115.2 Kbps?