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son bajando el negocio y descansando poco gente = they are downsizing and laying off some people

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Q: What is the meaning of Just downsizing in spanish?
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How do you say mono in spanish?

You just said it! Mono is Monkey in Spanish. Or is it there another meaning

What does the name Brittney mean in Spanish?

Brittney doesn't have a special meaning in Spanish it's just pronounced differently.

What are the advantages and Disadvantages of downsizing?

Downsizing is the process of reducing the number of workers in a certain firm. There are a lot of reasons why a firm undergo into downsizing. One reason is to minimize the cost, and to increase productivity. This practice has its own disadvantages and advantages, let us first discuss some of the disadvantages of downsizing. First is that downsizing forces re-thinking of employment strategy, lifelong strategy will no longer be effective after a downsizing. Next, violation of psychological contract, simply because due to downsizing the workers lower their work commitment.If their are disadvantages of downsizing their are also advantages out of this practice. Changes in Strategy,Organization structure and Culture accompany job cuts of downsizing.

How do you pronounce Megan in Spanish?

Megan in Spanish is just Megan. If you want to know the meaning of Megan, that would be pearl. A pearl in Spanish is "una perla."

What does shanay mean in Spanish?

Shanay has no meaning in Spanish. Only Spanish names have meaning in Spanish.

Answer for brain teaser corporate letters getting smaller?

Corporate downsizing? Corporate shrinkage?

What does the name bryce mean in Spanish?

The name Bryce has no meaning in Spanish. Only Spanish names have meaning in Spanish.

Why is Chrysler downsizing in jobs?

Chrysler is downsizing jobs so that they can stay competitive in the global market by reducing costs. By downsizing they save on paying weekly wages, health care , and other benefits.

What is the antonym of downsizing?


Meaning of mhiel in spanish?

Meaning of Mhiel in spanish word is "MAHAL".

What does yocro mean?

It doesn't have a meaning it's just slang for I think or I guess in the Spanish language

What are some Spanish words with the letter v?

Verdadero is a Spanish word meaning true. Viejo is a Spanish word meaning old. Vivo is a Spanish word meaning alive.