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She is a lady, and was inspired by the Queen song "Radio Gaga". So there you go...

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What is the English meaning of lady gaga?

It is a play on the Queen song Radio Gaga

What is the meaning of Lady Gaga song Sheie?

It means "She who is powerful".

Disadvantages of a monarchy government?

The meaning of Gagaism is that if You believe in Lady Gaga that you are not her servant is Gagaism Go Lady GaGa We love You... Go Mother Monster

What Catholic church does Lady Gaga go to?

None, Lady Gaga is Homosexual meaning she cannot be a part of the Catholic Church do to their views against Homosexuality

What is the definition of most amazing singer ever?

The most amazing singer ever means that it is the best thing known to man. Examples: Lady Gaga Katy Perry Rihanna Black Eyed Peas Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Adele Adele Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Usher Lady Gaga There are many more but they are the main.

Who is Vintage Lady Gaga?

"Vintage Gaga" is a term used to describe Lady Gaga before she became 'Lady Gaga'.

Is Lady Gaga a fake?

No. Lady Gaga is real. Lady Gaga isn't a fake and never will be.

Is Lady Gaga Australian?

no, lady gaga is not australian.

What race is Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is Caucasian.

Is Lady Gaga a Christain?

No, Lady Gaga is not a Christian.

Is Lady Gaga a heterosexual?

No, Lady Gaga is bisexual

Is Lady Gaga a convict?

No, Lady Gaga is not a convict.

Is Lady Gaga homeafredit?

No , Lady Gaga is not a Hermaphrodite

Is Lady Gaga a Jew?

Lady GaGa is Catholic.

Is Lady Gaga a smoker?

Lady Gaga does not smoke.

Who is Lady Gaga is husband?

Lady Gaga is not married

What Lady Gaga religion?

Lady GaGa is a satanist

Does Lady Gaga have chirdren?

No Lady Gaga is not a mother.

Is Lady Gaga transvestie?

No, Lady Gaga is not a transvestie.

Is Lady Gaga lesbiean?

No, Lady Gaga is bisexual.

Where is the band for Lady Gaga?

Lady GaGa is not in a band.

Is Lady Gaga a aunt?

Lady Gaga is not an aunt.

Why did Lady Gaga have implants?

Lady Gaga has no implants.

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