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X-Factor in very general term means the unknown factor or the unexplainable thing which adds a certain value to that object, element or a person.

In relation to a person it is defined as the unexplainable element of a person's attractiveness or sexiness. This is more of a slang and is not a part of the English Language (as in being accepted into the Dictionary) yet.

it is also a very crap t.v. series that i don't think should be legal

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Q: What is the meaning of X Factor?
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Who recently won x factor?

Recently meaning 2010 becuase 2011 is still going on. Matt Cardle won X Factor 2010.

Which television show has had the most spin-offs?

From The X Factor has/had 22 spin offs 1.) The X Factor: Battle of the Stars 2.) The X Factor Australia 3.) The X Factor Belgium 4.) The X Factor Bulgaria 5.) The X Factor Denmark 6.) The X Factor Finland 7.) The X Factor France 8.) The X Factor Germany 9.) The X Factor Greece 10.) The X Factor Hungary 11.) The X Factor Iceland 12.) The X Factor Italy 13.) The X Factor Morocco, on 2M TV 14.) The X Factor Netherlands 15.) The X Factor Norway 16.) The X Factor Poland, Season 1 upcoming in 2010 17.) The X Factor Russia 18.) The X Factor Spain 19.) The X Factor U.S., Season 1 upcoming in 2011 20.) El Factor X, The Latin American version 21.) The X Factor Kazakhstan, The Kazakh version 22.) The X Factor, XSeer Al Najah, (The X Factor, The Essence of Success), the Pan-Arabian version

What is the meaning of literal factors in math?

A factor would be in a sense like an element. For example 5 = 3 + x in this case x is called a factor. It's called x because it's an unknown factor, but it has a value and it doesn't mean the x in the alphabets

How do you factor the following equation 7x3-12x2-4x meaning 7xcubed and 12x squared?

x(x - 2)(7x + 2)

How do you spell x factor?

X Factor.

Where is x factor?

the x factor is now in london

How do you factor x squared plus four x?

Take out the common factor, "x". If you divide each term by "x", you get the other factor.

What is factor theorem?

x-a is a factor of the polynomial p(x),if p(a)=0.also,if x-a is a factor of p(x), p(a)=0.

What is the math meaning of factor?

Factor means you take what the two terms have alike, like 2x and 4x have 2x in common or 3x and 2x have x in common.

What is the meaning of a common monomial factor of a polynomial factor?

(x + 1) and (x + 2) are monomial factors of the polynomial x2 + 3x + 2. (x + 1) and (x + 3) are monomial factors of the polynomial x2 + 4x + 3. (x + 1) is a common monomial factor of the polynomials (x2 + 3x + 2) and (x2 + 4x + 3)

Do you have to be British to be on the x factor?

no and they have an American X Factor now.

Do you watch X factor?

I do not watch X factor but there are people who do.

Who won X factor in 2003?

there was no x factor in 2003:)

Was Lady Gaga on x factor?

i say she was on the x factor

Is kate good from x factor?

kate is not on the x factor

When were One Direction on x factor?

They were on x factor 2010

What does reduce by a factor x means?

It means to divide by x. For example, if I were to reduce 4 by a factor of x, I would get 4/x.If I reduced x by a factor of x, I would get x/x, which is equal to 1.

What is the factor of 10a4?

2 x 5 x a x a x a x a = 10a^4

How do you factor x cubed minus x squared plus x?

Factor out the GCF and get X(X2-X+1).

Where did Amanda holden from x factor get her dress she was wearing on x factor 22 march 2009?

She wasn't on x factor 2009 ????

What is the x factor live?

The x factor live tour is where the finalists of the x factor tour the country together as one show.

What is the meaning of 'plant load factor'?

Answering "What is the meaning of 'plant load factor'

How do you get tickets to watch the x factor auditions?


Who won the x factor in 1995?

There was no x-factor

Who won x factor in 1996?

X Factor started in 2004.

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