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The Lion of Judah refers to Jesus Christ as the triumphant King of all creation. See Revelation 5:1-5 and Matthew 28:18. Jesus is known for his dual role as the humble Lamb of God (God's sacrifice for our salvation from sin) and the sovereign Lion of Judah (the King of kings). "Judah" refers to the son of Jacob from whom Jesus' parents were descended from. See Matthew 1 and Luke 3. Jesus Christ's first coming to Earth was for fulfilling His role as the Lamb; in His second coming He will be seen in all His deserved glory as the Lion of Judah! Most importantly: IF YOU ACCEPT THE SACRIFICE OF THE LAMB OF GOD, YOU WILL ESCAPE THE JUDGEMENT DESERVED BY ALL SINNERS. See Revelation 21:6-8. "What is the meaning of a Lion of Judah tattoo?" The lion represents the Messiah. Hos_13:7, Dan_7:4) Best Wishes...

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Q: What is the meaning of a Lion of Judah tattoo?
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What is the meaning of a lion and snake tattoo?

It can mean different things from a latin kings gang symbol or even represent the lion of judah taking on the snake which represents evil spirits. So what ever you take it as it what it means to you.

What is the duration of The Lion of Judah?

The duration of The Lion of Judah is 1.45 hours.

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What does the Lion of Judah stand for?

The Lion of Judah in the book of Genesis referred to the tribe of Judah and was the symbol. In the book of Revelation the Lion of Judah referred to Jesus Christ who was of the lineage of David.

What does the ''Lion of Judah'' look like?

it is not what the lion of Judah looks like though it would properly be a white lion but it is what the lion means and who it represents.

In the Bible what is the meaning of the lion?

The lion was symbolic of the tribe of Judah, and Jesus was the 'Lion of the Tribe of Judah'. Lions symbolize righteousness. justice, and majesty, particularly in relation to God. The negative traits of the beast are used as a simile for Satan's behaviour and he is said to prowl like a lion waiting to devour us.

What does the lion represnt in reggae?

Haile Selassi, the Lion of Judah.

Why people call people judah?

The Lion of Judah from the Christian Bible.

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The name Lehmann comes from the Low German dialect words for Lion Man, meaning the tribe of the lion, the tribe of Judah.

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