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What is the meaning of a dove tattoo?


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Sienna Miller has a dove tattoo on her wrist.

There is a specific meaning when it comes to a Dove. A dove has an international meaning that means "peace".

She had a dove tattoo on her lower back, an initial and star on her hand and a music symbol tattoo on her ankle

the dove is a universal sign of hope

Many people may associate a dove with peace and tranquility. However, the true symbolism of one's tattoo depends on their view of it rather than popular perception.

When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remberance attached to the tattoo. The meaning of a pegasus tattoo is that of loyalty.

The meaning of a tattoo on a person's body could have a meaning that only the person that has the tattoo knows. In Russian prisons the tattoo of a diamond under the eye is applied by force. The meaning is that the person is an informant.

no it is not use antibacterial soap on a new tattoo unscented dial soap that's it

'Wand tattoo' is German and means wall tattoo.

Crucified by society (smaller version of the skinhead on the cross tattoo), Jailhouse tattoo, Homemade tattoo - are normally the meaning it.

The meaning of a turtle tattoo is to represent long life and positivity.

The meaning of a dove nesting in your plants in the embodiment of maternal instincts and female energies. A dove nesting in your plants could mean you will be pregnant soon.

there is no meaning necessarily

There is no official meaning for a scorpion tattoo on the hand. This tattoo may hold a significant meaning for its owner because he or she likes scorpions or the tattoo was inked alongside a friend's.

Keep the PEACE motif going. Does the Dove have an olive branch in its beak?

The symbolic meaning of the gray dove is peace, harmony, mourning, and love. Some cultures believe that the sight of a gray dove means that a person will experience loss.

tattoo on her hand<that says om.okay?:)

Star tattoos do not have a particular meaning. The meaning of the tattoo can vary from person to person.

Suggestions have been made. What is the real answer? * The tattoo is a small black dove, in tribute to her grandmother. * It looks like a hummingbird to me. * I thought it was a sun.

Jonah is a Hebrew name meaning 'dove'

Some of the meanings of a jester tattoo are that the person who has the tattoo is a prankster, witty, or overcame a sickness or other hurdle in their life. The meaning of a jester tattoo can mean different things to the person that has the tattoo. Some people get the jester tattoo just because they like the look or design of the tattoo itself.

A dove tattoo can be taken as a Religious Symbol, As a Symbol of Peace and Hope, As Messengers, As a Symbol of New Life, And Also As a Symbol of the Afterlife... Also, A lone dove can be a symbol of purity, and makes a great tattoo design to mark a commitment to sexual abstinence in bachelorhood and marital fidelity later on. Two doves sharing the same branch is a lovely tattoo design for a newly married couple. A dove outline filled with the design of the American Flag, or any flag you choose, can be viewed as a statement about world peace. In keeping with the afterlife theme, a dove holding a year banner draped from its beak can be used to memorialize the passing of a loved one... kk hope that helps!!!:)

The meaning of a dove is peace and freedom. It is a calm and beautiful bird which when it flies it is free and the white colour of it could symbolize the peace in it.

There is no meaning at all to your seeing the dove, neither does the time matter. You are fortunate to see a white dove that is all.

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