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There is no "deep" meaning to tongue piercing, it's a pierced tongue.... no meaning just a pierced tongue.

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Q: What is the meaning of a toungue piercing?
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Does smoking weed affect your new toungue piercing?


Will your toungue pIERCING get infected if you smoke?

It does raise the risk. It also delays healing time.

What are toungue rings for?

Tongue piercing are an accessory for sexual oral pleasure and aesthetic visual effect.

May a twelve year old get a toungue piercing?

No you have to be 16 or 17 yrs with a parent/guardian signature.

What are the meaning on left nose piercing?

It's a piercing with no meaning other than it's a piercing.

What is the meaning of Brinsingr?

brisingr means fire in the elven toungue or the ancient language

How do you toungue kiss?

u put ur toungue in her mouth and have toungue sex haha but seriously it is toungue sex!

Meaning of tragus piercing?

Just another ear cartilage piercing, it has no magical meaning, it's just another piercing.

How do you convice my dad to let me get my tongue pierced?

ask him for something much more scary then a toungue piercing and tell him youll do it yourself and then say youll settle for a toungue piercing. Don't do any piercing yourself. That's a horrible idea unless you're a professional. Tongue piercings are a hard sell for parents. Many people still think that they are only meant to improve oral sex. So, yeah, there are many negative views on them. Try getting another ear piercing or even a navel piercing. Show him that you can care for them and then he may let you get your tongue pierced. Good luck!!

Naval piercing on the left mean?

A navel piercing on the left, no meaning, it's just a piercing.

What is a antonym for the word piercing?

Piercing meaning loud, high pitched-----quiet, soothing noise Piercing meaning "i just pierced your ears'-----un-pierced,

What does a toungue piercing mean?

tongue piercing, its a pretty self explanatory thing but. a tongue piercing is when you go to professional who is certified to do oral piercings legally. Your tongue will have a looped clamp put on it to hold your tongue in place, and a piercing needle will be put through your tongue near the middle and a small tongue bar will be inserted closely following the needle.

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