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What is the meaning of bankruptcy trade lines?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-03 04:24:14

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What does it mean??? I had two credit checks done and in both of these that phrase was mentioned! I have never owned a home so why would the word bankruptcy be mentioned??? Someone answer me please!!!

2006-09-03 04:24:14
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Can you protect your trade tools if you file bankruptcy?

They are protected.

Can you trade your car before your bankruptcy is final?

I think you can :-)

What is the meaning of dynamic lines?

Dynamic lines are lines that have curves in them.

What is the meaning of wavy lines?

a series of curve lines

What are 3 trade lines?

They Are Three Set Of Lines That Seperate Certain Words . (:

Meaning of foreign trade?

The meaning of foreign trade is trade across the borders which is referred to as international trade. This is the exchange of goods and services between different countries.

What does complete bankruptcy mean?

bankruptcy means that you havent paid the morgadge and they take everything away, meaning you have to live on the streets did that answer ur question?

Was Arabia good for trade?

It was at cross lines

What is the meaning of debtor's petition for bankruptcy?

It is the term for the formal documents and justification given for someone asking the Court to provide protection from creditors under the bankruptcy laws.

Meaning of perpendicular lines?

Lines that intersect each other at right angles are called perpendicular lines

What is the Meaning of horizontal lines?

A line

What companies have filed for bankruptcy in CA?

Bankruptcy is the process where a person legally declares himself or his business unable to pay outstanding debts. It is done in a Federal Court system. Which operates without giving any real distinction to State lines. There are different types of bankruptcy. Thousands of Corporations file for Bankruptcy each year.

What is the English meaning of the word bancarrota?

Bancarrota is a Spanish word, but translated into English means Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is when someone does not have enough money to payback any of their debts. Filing for Bankruptcy can have very negative effects a person's credit rating.

What is a antynom for capitalize?

One meaning of "capitalize" is to provide funds for a business. Antonyms for this meaning are "wind up", "bankrupt", or "declare bankruptcy".

How did the growth of railroads lines promote the growth of cities and trade?

The growth of railroads lines promoted the growth of cities and trade because the goods were easily transported to other places.

How do you stop a creditor from updating the account that is included in bankruptcy?

Make sure the creditor was notified that their debt was included in and discharged through your bankruptcy. Once notified, they cannot legally update a trade line.

How many intersecting lines does a parallelogram have?

4 points of intersection, meaning 4 lines

Meaning of DFL?

departing friendly lines

What is the meaning of the read between the lines?


What is the meaning of a triangle lines in palm?


What increased trade with Western Europe?

the advent of railway lines

If you file bankruptcy does that mean that the payment history on your accounts is not supposed to show anymore?

This would be the best case scenario for your credit report, but it does not happen automatically. Hopefully, your bankruptcy attorney was diligent about informing all creditors included that their debts were discharged. If not, and you still have derogatory information showing that was included and discharged in a bankruptcy; then you need to send letters of dispute to the creditors and the credit bureaus. Follow up to make certain that nothing shows on your credit report except for the legal entry of bankruptcy, its disposition (the discharge) and all trade lines have no negative information except for the "included in..." or "discharged through..." notation.

Will filing bankruptcy eliminate criminal court fees?

If you are sued and a creditor gets a judgment against you, you may be able to discharge your personal liability on that judgment in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This will depend on whether the underlying debt is dischargeable (meaning you can wipe it out in bankruptcy) or nondischargeable.

Is there a maximum allowable fee chargeable by a bankruptcy petition preparer?

Most states require a preparer to be an attorney, and some bankruptcy courts have established a rule setting a maximum "no-look" fee for attorneys, meaning an attorney can charge more, but has to get the fee approved by the bankruptcy court.Check your local jurisdiction's bankruptcy court website for such a rule.

What is the word meaning buy and sell?