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What is the meaning of butterflies around you?


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Rebirth to start anew to also change your life


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The symbolic meaning for butterflies varies by country and cultures. The symbolic meaning for butterflies in Korea are a symbol of happiness.

It is not a proven fact but it is said that you are lucky if you have butterflies flying around you. It has also been said if a butterfly lands on you, you have a relative that has passed away looking out for you.

There are many butterflies that are black with white spots. These types of butterflies have no special meaning at all.

Take a picture of a butterfly and you will have your answer. Butterflies have an exoskeleton, meaning that their "skin" is their skeleton.

Monarch butterflies are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day.

Black & white butterflies do not have a specific meaning as omens. If however you see them in dreams they may have meaning. That meaning will have to do with other things happening in and around the dream.

Butterflies find a mate by flying around almost around the world to find a mate.

butterflies have antennae for letting them to see or to feel what is around in their environment.

it means nervous or scared.

buterflies oes not have meaning

Butterflies get mates so they may lay eggs or another word is have breed , so that there will always be other butterflies around when the butterflies die.

No because then why would they come outside, that is why butterflies are not allergic to flowers as there are flowers in every house and all around the world. If they were allergic then we would have not have any butterflies around.

If there are butterflies around, they might snap at them out of curiosity. However, butterflies are not really a part of a cheetahs normal diet.

Pink butterflies in dreams are symbolic of transformation of affection or happiness. Butterflies are a sign of change in our lives.

The spiritual meaning of butterflies...I'm Christian but I've come to know it means "new life" or in other words "a new beginning". ............................................Because butterflies appear to "die" when, as caterpillars, they enter apparently lifeless cocoons, which in turn break open to release the beautifully transformed butterflies, butterflies represent the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb.

symmetry , or in other words equality. the beauty of nature is also one meaning

Butterflies use their energy in various ways. Butterflies use their energy to eat and to fly around their environments for example.

Butterflies have been around since the first man walked on this earth.

Monarch butterflies have been around for hundreds of years. They were first recorded in history books in 1758.

Butterflies come in aalll shape and sizes Their are many the blue ones are rare (i mean rare) Butterflies Are Around on sunny spring and summer (not when raining) They come from catapillers to butterflies

They fly!! That's why they have wings!!

i think it means butterflies in Your stomach!!!

Butterflies flying around you can have a variety of meanings. Some of these include love, good luck, as well as positive energy.

There are a variety of interpretations of butterflies flying around. Some include change, freedom, peace, love, as well as good omens.

Yes. In this case, it does mean yellow butterflies. Yesterday it was green grass, so you can obviously see what's coming tomorrow.

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